Today began the real countdown to the wedding…9 days. I kept reminding everyone at work that it was 9 days 7 hours. Then it was 9 days 5 hours. By the end of the day it became 8 days 23 hours and 59 minutes!

Yes, I’m excited.

People were laughing. Some said, “Just give it a few years.” Others “hope” that it will always bring me this much happiness.


I thought I would tell you why I believe this marriage is different for me and Brent.

Have you ever broken a bone? You try to perform a normal task and it is either not possible or is extremely painful. OF course, broken bones take time to heal, so you are without the full use of that part of your body for quite some time. Eventually, the bone heals. If all goes well, it heals “correctly,” but sometimes it heals a little askew. Nonetheless, it is healed and you can once again use that body part.

It has been so long since you had full use of your body that it feels strange, but you are so appreciative that the bone has healed.

Let’s say, like the Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo, you break the same bone again. This time the break and healing is familiar, but it still takes time to heal and maybe it takes even more time because you already broke that bone once. Second breaks are not easier. I think second breaks are harder to heal and more painful.

I’ve broken my right pinkie toe four times or maybe five times. I’ve lost count. Anyway, I know what I’m talking about when it comes to broken bone pain and the appreciation I feel to finally get to use the healed part of my body again.

Do I treat my pinkie toe special? I sure do! I never put it in a pair of shoes that causes it pain! I appreciate my pinkie toe more than you can imagine!!!

Brent and I have broken marriages in our past. We see the part we played in the marriages and we also have made conscious changes in ourselves over the years. We changed not only because of the experiences in those marriages, but we have gotten older, discarded a lot of our self-defeating behaviors, and said goodbye to some baggage. We both are at the point where we feel an abundance of gratitude to be loved by someone who notices the little things and doesn’t take them for granted.

While Brent appreciates that I “get him,” I appreciate that he makes me laugh everyday. We both find peace with one another. As you well know, “peace” has not been something I’ve felt a whole lot of for quite some time.

Love and gratitude are emotions we not only feel, but we also express daily. Why? Because like the experience of having a broken bone and the appreciation of the healed bone, we both feel a great amount of gratitude for being loved back. Telling each other how we feel is a privilege.

I know that’s a whole lot of gushy love stuff, but it really is the truth. There isn’t anything more wonderful than love. I am about to add another person who loves me to my family. I’m feeling very thankful and blessed.

Since inquiring minds want to know and SEE, here is one of my favorite pictures of the wonderful man who has captured my heart…

brent 2015-11

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