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When you get older, there’s a few things that happen…

– the grays and whites start to appear in your hair if you’re lucky enough to still have hair

– fat finds your body even if you’ve been thin all your life

– aches, pains, and creaking bones become the norm

Last, but not least…

– your eyes can’t see to thread the needle quite as easily

So Saturday was the yearly excursion to the eye doctor to “see” how things are “looking” these days.

Clever, huh? LOL

The wait was almost non-existent, but the office and staff are really nice so I never mind waiting.

office doors flower painting

Before long, I’m whisked away to get the puff of air in each eye, the light flash in each eye, and then the picture taken of each retina. I love seeing the picture of my retina!

Then I’m in the room waiting for the eye doctor.

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My eyes have aged since the last visit. I can tell because my double vision has become more pronounced – the image is darker and more defined. Obviously, I’ve been looking forward to the visit because I know I need stronger glasses.

The eye doctor comes in and we exchange pleasantries. He flashes the “supposed” eye chart on the screen ahead of me.

“Please read the letters,” the doctor says.

“Letters? What letters? Do you see letters? I don’t see any letters!”

Whether I look out of my left eye, right eye, or both eyes, the outcome is the same.

Blurry, black, smudges or indistinguishable “letters” on the wall.

Then it’s time to get down to the eye business of clicking lenses back and forth so the doctor can figure out which strength lens will best suit me.

eye chart

The doctor asks, “Is it better A” (pause)

“or B?” (pause)

Feeling as though I’m going to fail a test, I say, “A?”

And so he continues, “Better 1” (pause)

“or 2?” (pause)

This one was easier to distinguish, so I say, “2!”

But that isn’t the end.

The doctor continues, “Now again, better A” (pause)

“or B?” (pause)

Click after click my vision gets better and better as I look through the A, B, 1, 2 lenses.

Is it possible that I will be able to read the small print on the credit card again?

eye doctor equipment the eye poster picture

The bad news…

My glasses are now going to be two times stronger than they are now.

The doctor says, “Your vision has changed.”

I laughed and said, “You mean my vision is worse!”

Silly doctor.

The good news…

My eye doctor’s baseboards are clean and dust free.

carpet baseboard dust-free

My mother will appreciate that fact that baseboards are still important to me.

***Lifelong member of the “I’ve Got To Have Clean Baseboards Club”

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