Do you remember my post called How To Root A Sweet Potato For Garden Planting Or? where I gave you some information, but didn’t tell you the ending of the story?

“Magic is believing in yourself,
if you can do that,
you can make anything happen.”
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe~

Let me show you what has been happening since February 4th because I have been doing exactly what Goethe said, namely believing in myself.

These lovely green and purple sprouts are happening on the top because…

sweet potato in water with growth

All these roots are going on at the bottom!

sweet potato in water with roots

Where do I keep my new friend?

Yeah, Potato Head has become my newest friend, so I’ve named him and we talk often since he sets by Albert, the computer. Not only does Potato Head enjoy the hum of Albert’s motor, but he also enjoys the warmth.

sweet potato in water roots

I’m still not going to tell you yet why I’m growing a sweet potato in water.

Just keep Carly Simon’s very popular song running through your head so that you can enjoy the experience.

What song?

You know the song! It’s title is simply…


I’m working hard to put my 2009 green thumb experience behind me.

As a side note, that “green thumb experience” link was one of my very first posts. Why did I make all the pictures that size?

(rolling my eyes at myself)

Thank goodness I’ve learned a bit about blog photos over the last four years!

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