When I first had the idea to root a sweet potato, I wasn’t really sure if I could actually keep it alive. By putting myself out there and proclaiming that I was going to grow a plant INSIDE my home instead of outside where my green thumb thrives, I was taking a big chance of bombing in public.

Since my little Mr. Sweet Potato Head is just thriving, I thought I would share him with you. Observe the numerous beautiful white roots.

green leaves sprouting potato

Let me also tell you that I haven’t had to change the water at all. Mr. Sweet Potato Head is so happy, that growing roots and sprouting has been a wonderful experience. The water hasn’t stagnated one bit.

Sprouting a sweet potato head

Obviously, Mr. Sweet Potato Head has been VERY happy just sitting next to me and Albert, my computer. The warmth of Albert with his soft humming fan, I think is rather comforting and made Mr. Sweet Potato Head relaxed enough to grow heartily.

I know that you all thought that the last time I showed you the growth by Mr. Sweet Potato Head that you were very shocked. With my indoor non-green thumb, it was logical for you to believe that I would have already killed him!

Mr Potato Head Sweet Potato

I also believe that being so close to me all the time has added to the robust growth by Mr. Sweet Potato Head. As you can see, he is just beautiful and not at all dead! So very shortly, I will be sharing with you exactly why I have been sprouting Mr. Sweet Potato Head!

Mr Sweet Potato Head

Did you ever start rooting a sweet potato?

Can you barely stand the anticipation of finding out why I am rooting a sweet potato?

I know. The suspense is overwhelming and the anticipation is unbearable!

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