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I love to cook! I also love to eat, so it is very convenient that I enjoy cooking as much as I do. Every week I will share the recipes that have been handed down through generations of women in my family, as well as share all the new recipes I have created myself. There are plenty of pictures to walk you through the step-by-step directions and you will feel that we are cooking in the kitchen together. So welcome to my kitchen! I look forward to our experience!

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci ~

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One Million Dollar Grain Free And Gluten Free Cookies

“Mom, can five girls spend the night Friday and will you make cookies?”

That was a typical request years ago when Alyssa was a teenager. It was during that time that I heard about the Bake-Off® Contest from It’s not just any contest. Oh no. The grand prize in the Bake-Off® is one million dollars.

One Million Dollar Grain Free And Gluten Free Cookies 5

Yeah, you read that right. The grand prize is $1,000,000.00.

I don’t know how that amount strikes you, but I think there’s a whole bunch of zeros after that 1!

So I worked on a cookie recipe to enter in the Pillsbury Bake-Off® Contest for two years. I tweaked the recipe at least once every week as I invented a winning entry. Alyssa and her friends started seeing my cookies as a staple at meal time.

One Million Dollar Grain Free And Gluten Free Cookies 6

I just about had the cookie recipe where I wanted it when PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) took over my life (5-2010). As you know, it took everything I had just to exist with the horrible Hell that it brought to my mind. The next 3.5 years I spent a huge portion of my time learning how to eliminate PTSD from my life.

During this time period, I also had two other major life events strike me. I was diagnosed as having an allergy to all grain (9-13-2012) and the next month I moved (10-2012). A year later, I was blindsided with a lay off from my job (10-17-2013). Right after that I knew I had been healed and no longer had PTSD (10-28-2013).

As you can now see, my life and energy have been spent trying to survive several very big events. With that being said, my winning recipe was put on hold.

Alyssa and I have missed cookies since we were forced to become grain free. Every now and again one of us would state how much we wanted a cookie. Well, we finally decided to play in the kitchen and see if we could make a really good grain free cookie. I tried many recipes on the Internet and in a few cookbooks, but nothing really made either of us happy. Actually, some of the cookies were awful and we simply threw them in the trash.

Then it happened.

I made a grain free cookie that actually tastes like a cookie that had been made with all purpose flour.

One Million Dollar Grain Free And Gluten Free Cookies 7

No, I’m not kidding.

I thought maybe it was either in my imagination or a fluke, but when Alyssa bit into the cookie, she quickly confirmed my first assessment. This cookie is delicious.

Since that day, we have been making cookies…all kinds of cookies. We tweak the main recipe like crazy and rarely do we come up with a dud flavor. To say that we are quite thrilled is an understatement.

One Million Dollar Grain Free And Gluten Free Cookies 2

Anyway, I decided to keep my secret recipe a secret until I put it in my cookbook. I also decided that I need to put the finishing touches on my other cookie…the grain cookie. I think I want to enter it in the March 2015 Pillsbury Bake-Off® Contest. I truly believe I stand a better than average chance of winning the grand prize. Yeah, the whole million dollars.

One Million Dollar Grain Free And Gluten Free Cookies 3

I am letting you take a peek at some of the cookies that will be in my cookbook. Alyssa and I have actually discussed the set up of the cookbook too and we are both getting a bit excited about the whole thing. Of course, we move slow and steady like a turtle, but when we finally do something it proves to be worth the wait.

While you’re waiting for my cookbook, would you like to eat a cookie? Can you smell that delicious aroma?

One Million Dollar Grain Free And Gluten Free Cookies 8

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