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Blogging can be an exciting endeavor. My blogging tips will help you understand blogging terminology, set up the blog (Blogger or Wordpress) and implement procedures that will help to grow your blog. Part of growing your blog requires learning how to market it effectively by using many social media platforms. I will give you step-by-step pictorial guides to help you understand the process, implement the concepts so that you can maintain a smooth running blog.

This year Twitter celebrated their eight year anniversary. That’s right, the 140 character updates on Twitter started in March 2006 and ever since, users have connected from all over the world.

The most famous tweet is the one posted by Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder, on March 21, 2006. The reason it is the most famous tweet is because it is the first tweet ever published!

“just setting up my twttr”
4:50 PM – 21 Mar 2006
jack dorsey first tweet

There is another notable Twitter anniversary date this year.

May 31, 2009, at 12:21 AM The Redhead Riter published her first tweet. True to my style, I published a nerdy tweet that said, “I just became a twitter person!”

How To Find Your First Tweet Sherry Redhead Riter

I tweeted a little bit in the beginning of my Twitter life, but it was very minimal during the first year. Then when I finally got the hang of it and understood the value of Twitter, I became a regular Twitter user. It was at that point that I connected with several people who taught me the fine art of tweeting with a purpose and others who consistently tweeted my blog as I tried to market myself. More about a few of those people in a moment.

Anyway, you can find your first tweet very easily because Twitter launched a tweet recovery tool that will find it for you. The tweet discover site simply states, “There’s a #FirstTweet for everything.” How fitting!

Now let’s get back to a few of my friends and their first tweets! If you haven’t Twitter followed them yet, I encourage you to do so and also visit their websites! They helped me bunches over the years!

@PaulBritPhoto (was PaulBritCOM when we met)
“Finally got the hang of this. This is gonna be quite cool indeed.”
9:11 AM – 30 May 2009

paulbritphoto first tweet

Happy 5 Year Twitterversary to me and @PaulBritPhoto!

“Home having Eggos with nephew.”
10:09 AM – 24 Jul 2008

johnaguiar first tweet

Here’s a few more first tweets from friends that support my marketing efforts, inspire, motivate and educate me daily!

“A Bad Marriage is Fattening”
8:00 AM – 7 Jan 2010

joanoshatz  first tweet

“preparing to shift from two thousand and nine whine to next year cheer”
9:25 AM – 13 Dec 2009

leejcarey  first tweet

“going to bed awaiting a big day tomorrow”
2:39 AM – 18 Apr 2008

marshacollier first tweet

“trying to figure out this twitter thing”
8:17 PM – 2 Dec 2009

seams16 first tweet

“learning how twitter works”
3:38 PM – 4 Apr 2009

lisapatb first tweet

“I just joined the speakersite Twitter Group and you can too. Please Retweet.”
9:22 AM – 22 Dec 2008

shawnetv first tweet

“I just added new recipes on my website located at”
5:34 PM – 6 Nov 2008

goaskkatie first tweet

“My first Twitter message …..”
6:15 PM – 1 Apr 2009

Timothy_Hughes first tweet

“Enjoying Sunday afternoon. Watering the garden.”
9:41 PM – 29 Jun 2008

DrJeffersnBoggs first tweet

“Adding Twitter to my new website”
1:39 PM – 2 Mar 2009

adamsconsulting first tweet

“Just curios how this work.”
5:04 AM – 18 Apr 2009

brasonja first tweet

“@waldingtongirl @luvinpeacebear Hi, Its me from FB. 🙂 Tell Dawn too.”
4:23 PM – 7 May 2011

rcnaturephotos first tweet

“Teaching English in a Foreign Country”
9:30 PM – 14 Mar 2010

georg_grey first tweet

“Twelve Days of Innovation – – Braden Kelley – #innovation #success #insights #tech #mgmt #mktg”
4:00 PM – 28 Dec 2011


“@marthamaccallum CC should definitely get in the GOP primary”
10:34 AM – 3 Oct 2011

hrwj54 first tweet

“I have a job with a lot of responsibility. Whenever anything goes wrong, I’m responsible for it.”
11:21 AM – 3 Mar 2011

theresamax first tweet

“Heading to the movie theatres, and dinner afterwards. Great to live in walking distance from amenities! So, we’re walking:-)”
4:21 PM – 27 Sep 2008

shicooks first tweet

And one of my favorites! LOL
2:14 PM – 10 May 2010

mamiof3kids first tweet

I thought that blast into the past was quite fun! Have you checked to see what your first tweet was yet? If not, hop over there, plug in your name and then come back and tell us what your first tweet was and the date you started Twitter.

Looking forward to seeing your memorable first tweet!!

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