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Minnie Pearl 1965 Hee Haw

Earlier this year I told you that CCleaner cleans your slow computer for free. Lots of people checked it out and let me know that they love it as much as I do. Even my mother loves it!

Around 10:15 p.m. on Saturday night I heard my phone ring. Glancing at the face of my cell phone I could see that the phone call was from my mother. After I answered it, Mom started telling me that she was trying to help her sister fix her computer. I immediately wanted to laugh because although my mother has learned a lot about the computer, I knew my aunt would be lucky if she could find the button to start a computer. I say that with all the love in the world because she is really cute when she learns something amazing on the computer.

The call from Mom was intended to solicit my help.

“Would you send Barbara (my aunt) the links for the cleaner program and the security program?” Mom asked.

“Sure,” I said, “and I will send over the link to my blog that will explain CCleaner to her.”

“No, no, no. Don’t send the blog link because she will get too confused. I’m going to help her,” Mom replied.

Again I had to stifle a laugh.

Mom stayed on the phone as I hit SEND on the email and then she thanked me profusely while excitedly ending the call. I was amused.

In that somewhat happy state, I signed into my family Facebook and posted some pictures to inspire everyone. My Aunt Jan said, “Smyrts (nickname for my mother) on phone with Bud (nickname for my Aunt Barbara) trying to get her computer set up. What a hoot going on here!! LoL”

Describing their activity as a “hoot” was probably putting it mildly.

It wasn’t long before Mom rang my phone again with a request to call my aunt directly to offer assistance. I happily agreed, but in my mind I started preparing myself to teach a Minnie Pearl clone. Do you remember Minnie Pearl from the television show called, Hee-Haw? Minnie Pearl had a price tag hanging from a wide brimmed hat and she talked with a thick southern accent. Uh huh…My Aunt Barbara is a country bumpkin with a heart of gold, but she hardly knows anything about navigating her computer.

I called Barbara and we had a nice time talking while installing CCleaner to clean up the mess she had created on her computer. Barbara also installed Microsoft Essentials to protect her computer from viruses. One of the best parts about the security software is that Microsoft Essentials costs nothing. That’s right! Microsoft Essentials is totally free!

As we installed the programs, cleaned up the computer and checked it thoroughly for trojans and viruses, we talked, laughed and had a good time. After it was all finished, Minnie Pearl, I mean Barbara thanked me and immediately called my mother. I’m sure they giggled like teenagers about how speedy Barbara’s computer operates now.

So if you are looking for free software to protect your computer, Microsoft Essentials is the deal for you. If it is easy enough for the lovely ladies in my family, I think it will be easy for you too.

I just want to say to Mom and Aunt Barbara, thanks for letting me help you. It always makes me feel better about myself after I’ve helped someone and that goes double for my family. In the words of Minnie Pearl, “I love you so much it hurts!”

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