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My hair has been long since I was sixteen years old, so I struggled with the decision to either keep my hair long or just cut it short. Actually, I’ve been thinking about cutting my hair for a long time, but everyone talked me out of it whenever I brought up the subject.

Everyone has their reasons for wanting my hair long and I did too. As time has passed and my life circumstances have changed, I decided to just jump in and cut my hair short. So I scheduled the hair cut in the morning and the professional photo session with model poses in the afternoon.

The lighting at the photography studio was AWESOME and it seriously was so much fun! I suggest everyone have a “model shoot” sometime because it will make you feel like you are twenty years old again.

With my hair short and sassy, I felt lighter than air while posing with the natural bouncy curls. It is such a big change! Do you know how much hair weighs when it almost hits your waistband? A whole lot more than when you have a shorter hairstyle!

Reasons Why Short Hair Is Better Than Long Hair

  • Short hair dries faster.
  • It accentuates your beautiful features.
  • Short hair takes less time to style.
  • Shorter hair shows confidence.
  • You look younger with short hair.
  • Short hair never gets in the way or blocks your vision.
  • Your neck won’t be hot with short hair.

The Redhead Riter short hair

To be fair, I also have a list of reasons that long hair is better too.

Reasons Why Long Hair Is Better Than Short Hair

  • You have more style choices with long hair.
  • Long, naturally curly hair can dry without having to spend lots of time styling.
  • Keeping your hair long saves money on having it cut all the time.
  • Long hair is warmer.
  • Long hair feels luxurious and sexy.
  • Long hair is great for all face shapes.
  • You can have a great ponytail with long hair.

So do you like my hair short better than when it was the longer style?

What it all boils down to is how you like to wear your hair, not how everyone else wants you to wear your hair. Of course, with today being April 1st, this post also boils down to how gullible you were while reading it and looking at the picture. Gullible? Yes, Gullible. No, I didn’t cut my hair. Today is April Fools!

Believe me, this was mild compared to other things I’ve done. I just couldn’t help myself…I felt quite mischievous.

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