Thanks for being interested in having me represent your company. I am friendly, driven and passionate about everything I do, so I know that you will find working with me an exciting and beneficial partnership.

Advertising on The Redhead Riter

I almost wrote “Advertising on The Redhead Riter Blog,” but then I reconsidered because if you want to advertise on my clothing, I guess I am game for that too! Besides, my daughter always thinks I need a better wardrobe, so she would welcome the new opportunity for me.

All ads are sold for a flat monthly fee that will not change for the duration of the months you have purchased with a three month minimum. They are prepaid by the quarter.

All prices are in US dollars. Payments are accepted via PayPal only. It is SAFER for you and me that way.

For immediate information contact me via the contact form. Nifty how that works, isn’t it?

All ads are subject to my approval. I reserve the right to refuse any advertisement for any reason. Don’t even try to have me advertise Viagra or the Playboy Magazine. I just don’t want that splashed in front of me and my readers every day. Besides, if I had to look at the girls in that magazine, I would be constantly feeling jealous of some of their body parts. (wink)

Hiring The Redhead Riter

Let me just put it up front – You can not hire me to do anything that requires me wearing a bikini. I will hold the bikini while fully dressed, but I will not wear the bikini. Just thought I would let you know that right off the bat.

Yes, you can hire me to speak at your function and write a post, article or column. All you have to do is contact me via the nifty contact form and we will definitely chat.

I’m currently writing a book about my experience with PTSD because while I was suffering terrible flashbacks, NO ONE understood what I was suffering. Finding a therapist that specialized and really KNEW what to do to help was also extremely difficult. My goal is for my book to give hope to those who currently suffer and to open the eyes of doctors, therapists and everyone else to how they can help.

Some of my most interesting “work” experiences were while I was the General Manager of a corporate hotel for many years. The things I learned during that experience have been invaluable and the stories I can tell you will open your eyes to another world. Teamwork, organization, creativity and knowing how to motivate others is crucial in any job and also in our own personal lives if we are going to attain joy in our experience of life.

I’ve been blogging since 2009 and enjoy the process of writing, coaching, teaching, designing, marketing and all social media venues fascinate me immensely. Yeah, I could write a book about that too, but since everyone is screaming for a cookbook, I think I will write that one at the same time as my PTSD book. You know there has to be balance – cry and sob while writing about PTSD and then laugh and smile while writing the cookbook!

Yeah, it is all about passion…and I have a whole lot of passion for things that I believe in and love. Don’t forget, I am a redhead and that is one of our best traits!


The Redhead Riter