It’s definitely summer and I’m still taking pictures everywhere I go. I can tell it is summer because the temperatures have been 80F – 99F for the highs and 60F – 79F for the lows in Richmond, Virginia, the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the fourth-most populous city in Virginia with the population estimated to be 214,114.

So what exactly has been happening in my neck of the crowded woods?

It’s Bright Orange And Abstract

orange abstract decorated parked car

I was leaving the parking lot of the grocery store when I noticed this car parked away from all the other cars. It was rather bright and you would have to be blind to miss it. I’m not sure what the design was intended to be unless it really was just abstract. All I know is the car had a pretty cool paint job.

LESSON LEARNED: Recognize and enjoy the interesting and fun things around everyday.

At The Movies, But Not With Captain America

mom and tom at the movies

I went to the movies with Mom and her husband, Tom, but we didn’t go see Captain America. I’m racking my brain trying to remember the name of the movie we did see and for the life of me, I just can’t remember. That’s something I have never been able to retain for long…the names of movies I’ve seen and it is so aggravating.

Anyway, in the lobby of the movie theater, there was a Captain America movie advertisement. It didn’t take much coaxing to get Mom to pose with the Captain America shield, but it took quite a bit of begging to get Tom to pose. He doesn’t like to draw attention to himself and with a redhead saying, “Smile!” he was definitely the center of attention.

LESSON LEARNED: Love the people who enjoy your company and make time to do things together because life is short.

Still Thinking About Maleficent

malificent movie angelina jolie

One movie that I’m sure not to forget was Maleficent with Angelina Jolie. There were so many great teaching moments in the movie and it totally changed my opinion of a character that I always thought was inherently evil.

“People push you to your limits,
but when you finally explode
and fight back,
you are the mean one!”
~ Unknown ~

For so many reasons I can relate with that quote and the movie. It really was an awesome movie with fantastic special effects.

LESSON LEARNED: “Never waste your time trying to to explain who you are to people who are committed to misunderstanding you.” – Unknown

The Krispy Kreme Temptation

krispy kreme doughnuts rainy day

It’s no secret that Krispy Kreme doughnuts make me salivate at just the thought of them, but when I get near the store, my brain goes into overdrive. I swear, I can smell and taste the glazed doughnuts from a mile away with all my windows rolled up in the car. Food cravings can be powerful things.

So the other day when it was raining, I passed the Krispy Kreme store. Instead of driving by, I decided to actually go around the store and look through the window. The sight of the doughnuts on the conveyer belt getting a layer of icing and all the people standing around waiting to order was quite satisfying. I so desperately wanted to forget my grain allergy and just order a dozen doughnuts.

I did have to think about it for a long time and struggled with the decision to buy the doughnuts…or not. I looked at my clear skinned face and thought about how my arthritis wasn’t hurting a bit.

No. I would not give into the temptation and it was mighty strong temptation.

It’s JUST a doughnut, right?


It is THE DOUGHNUT. It is a KRISPY KREME doughnut piping hot off the baking line. Fresh, warm, gooey and absolutely delicious.


I didn’t give in and as I drove away without being sick in my stomach, I was thankful that I had been strong with my willpower. I would have been sick before I had left the parking lot had I given into the temptation to eat a Krispy Kreme doughnut. I’m so thankful for my good health.

LESSON LEARNED: Appreciate the things you have and don’t be jealous of the things you don’t have…Be grateful.

Maintenance Is Easier Before It Breaks

car oil changed at shop

Getting my oil changed is a breeze because I don’t have to crawl under the car and do it myself. Instead, I go to a family owned shop where they are friendly, helpful, fast and honest. Yes, imagine that…real customer service!

While I was sitting in the little waiting room, I thought about how all our actions have a consequence whether it is good or bad. I took my car into the shop to get the oil changed before it got thick, dirty and loses the lubrication necessary to keep the engine running properly. So I only had to pay for an oil change instead of an engine overhaul.

Good relationships are about the same way…You can speak with kind words, make time to do things together and show love for one another or you can disrespect and neglect the relationship until you’ve destroyed it.

LESSON LEARNED: Good relationships require unselfishness and time with one another.

I Love Food Preparation

freezer food neatly arranged planning

Alyssa and I got ahead in our cooking by preparing meals, vegetables and fruits then freezing them. It makes everything easier at the end of the day to just pull the meal out of the freezer to heat up or cook. It also gives us more time to do the things we want and enjoy each day.

“He who is best prepared can
best serve his moment of inspiration.”
~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge ~

LESSON LEARNED: Never underestimate the time savings gained by being prepared.

Grain Free Can Be Delicious

grain free cranberry nut ball

I went to a little store called Capital Coffee & Desserts in Carytown on Cary Street in Richmond, Virginia and ate a delicious, grain free cranberry nut ball. It was moist, sweet and very satisfying. It was such a little treat, but it packed a big flavor. Yum. I think I will have to make some in my own kitchen.

LESSON LEARNED: Big things do come in little packages, so don’t judge a book by its cover or a cranberry nut ball by its size.

Mom Can Cook

moms chocolate pie gold flatware china

Mom knows how to serve a beautiful meal. When everyone else was eating chocolate pie, Alyssa and I ate fresh fruit that we dipped in chocolate.

Mmmmmmm…I love everything dipped in chocolate.

LESSON LEARNED: A good mom is a priceless gift.

Rare, Medium Or Well Done?

steak with pink inside

I can cook or not cook a steak so that it is very pink inside, but I like my steak more towards the well done state. Need I tell you that my little blonde daughter loves it pink?

Most of my life I haven’t liked eating steak, but as I’ve gotten older, my tastes have changed. Now, I love a thick, flavorful steak!

People are like steaks…rare, medium or well done. In other words, some people haven’t learned that much and others have learned a lot. The real difference, however, isn’t about how much you have learned. It’s about how you use what you’ve learned.

“I did then what I knew how to do.
Now that I know better, I do better.”
~ Maya Angelou ~

LESSON LEARNED: Everything changes. Expect it.

Red And Sparkly

toenails and fingernails painted red

red toenail polish black sandals sparkle fingernail polish

I like keeping my nails, both fingernails and toenails, painted. My favorite color to paint them is red. Shocking surprise, isn’t it? Red polish always makes me think about my maternal grandmother. Mam-Maw always painted hers and my nails bright red. I still remember my tiny little fingernails being painted by her while Hee-Haw was showing on the television. The sparkles are my addition because I just love sparkly everything!

LESSON LEARNED: The people we love are forever in our heart and only a memory away.

Every Faithful And Loyal Friend

bella sleeping with feet up in air and head resting on my hand

Since the day we picked her up, Bella has been the definition of her name…beautiful. As time has passed, I’ve fallen in love with every little aspect of her personality because she is so peaceful, calm, loyal, faithful and loving.

“A friend is a gift you give yourself.”
~ Robert Louis Stevenson ~

Bella has been there for me when the days were really awful and she’s still there for me on bad days and good days. She’s always willing to sit in my lap and comfort me by just being there. Bella is the perfect example for humans who want to be a good friend.

LESSON LEARNED: Bella is one-of-a-kind and I think I’m a dog whisperer. (wink)

Well, those are some of the pictures on my cell phone. I enjoyed strolling through memory lane over the past month and even better than that, I have felt gratitude for all the wonderful experiences I’ve had and lessons learned.

Never underestimate the power of good memories, love and gratitude.

Just saying.

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1 Philip Bond July 10, 2014 at 5:24 am

Cool bananas and toes.


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LOL You crack me up Philip!! 😛


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Hi Sherry….
Just a note to tell you how special you are…You make me smile..


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I never know when I am going to pop up on your blog and be seen world wide……Tom just gasped…lol lol lol


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Thank you!


8 Sherry Riter July 11, 2014 at 1:51 pm

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