Just Around The Corner You Will Find Many Marvelous Things

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Change, Change And More Change

is just around the corner.

Life equals change. That’s just about as blunt an assessment as I can make about life and change. The two are a married couple and go hand in hand at all times. Where you find one, you will always find the other.

Change, in small bites, is manageable and even expected. It is the big, sudden jolting changes that tilt the axis of our life and leaves us hanging onto anything we can grasp in order to soften the blow. But if we know that life equals change, why do any changes surprise us?

I find the complexities of big changes thoroughly perplexing and exhausting because often the change appears illogical or unfair. However, even though I know that incidents in life cannot be explained and that life is unfair, there is still that lingering notion that the change should not be happening to me.

Just around the corner you will experience more life and therefore more change. Changes seem to occur in waves like those found in the ocean. They surge upon us and then retreat for a bit before slamming us again with a big heavy wave of required change. So you have two choices: Expect changes and prepare as best you can for the next big challenge or fight the changes every step of the way with anger, disappointment and sadness.

“Those who cannot change their minds
cannot change anything.”
~ George Bernard Shaw ~

Understanding and completely comprehending your role in the changes of life will help you cope and successfully navigate through each one of them. Whether you are happy, fearful, scared, angry, excited or sad, just keep walking through it and when you go just around the corner, a change will happen.

The process of change never ends and stopping it is beyond your control. Sounds like it is just much simpler to expect the unexpected changes and keep your head held high while you move through each one.

Love Is Not Overrated

is just around the corner.

In the movie, “You’ve Got Mail,” love was quite literally just around the corner for the main female character played by Meg Ryan. I’ve probably watched the movie close to one hundred times because it reminds me to remember several things. Changes happen and look absolutely awful, but in the end are for our betterment. It also restores the hope that love happens when and where you least expect it.

Love is not overrated. In fact, love is a requirement for a full and happy life. Living on this planet means you must share air and land space with the other inhabitants of the world. Those interactions are unavoidable because you do not live on an island all alone.

Love is action for an emotion.


When the best part of you connects with another person and “clicks,” the process of loving them begins. Keeping an open mind and seeing the good in them will allow them to be human. Patience with the flaws in each other is mandatory if love is going to grow and bind two people in a lasting and loving relationship.

The best kind of love is not necessarily the flamboyant, screaming in your face and driving your body crazy emotion. Love that comes softly into your life and heart as it settles like a gentle breeze is hands down the best emotion ever. A love that softly enters your world grows into every part of your heart and never leaves.

Happiness Is Right Now So Stop Running Away

is just around the corner.

I keep hearing that happiness is found while on the journey and not necessarily at the end. Well, phooey. This is a hard concept to grasp especially when huge challenges are happening. But after much contemplation, I FINALLY grasp the importance of the whole journey-destination thing.

We have today.

Actually, we only have right now. That’s it. In two minutes I could die of a massive heart attack or an airplane could crash into my home. Remember, change is constantly occurring, so anything is possible. Bearing that in mind, right now I have the choice of being happy or some other emotion. I do not have to be happy at the challenge I’m going through, but there are so many things to be thankful for and happy about right now.

Let happiness be at the top of the list of things to accomplish each day. Make it a “to do” item until being happy just comes naturally and without great thought or effort.

“Folks are usually about as happy as
they make their minds up to be.”
~ Abraham Lincoln ~

One day spent with someone you love can bring about great happiness and change everything in your life. The goal is to love everyone, but when choosing “the one” companion to share all of your life, it is vitally important that they are patient with your flaws, willing to make plans and goals for your mutual future, and adds happiness to your life.

Those who are unwilling to change their
self-destructive behaviors
will never find true happiness.

Just Around The Corner

Just around the corner you will find many marvelous things. Your attitude will determine how the marvelous things fit into your life. You are the master of your life. Every aspect of your life is due to the choices you have made and continue making. At any time you can alter the path and change the journey for the good or not so good.

Life gives you many opportunities, but in order to learn from each of them, you must be humble and willing to try new things energetically with determination and fearlessly. Change is going to occur with or without your permission. Love and happiness is entirely up to you.

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