Go Ahead And Inspect Me!

by Sherry Riter in Family,Sherry

With renewed mental health and the banishment of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) from my life, several things that other people take for granted have started to actually come together for me.

For MANY years I forgot to get my car inspected until a police office would pull me over for an expired inspection. I was always so frustrated that such a little thing would have slipped my mind especially since the inspection sticker is prominently placed on the front windshield.

This year, however, I’m no longer blue…

the redhead riter blue3

Actually I’m tickled pink!

the redhead riter tickled pink


I didn’t get stopped by the police or get a ticket! I not only remembered to get the inspection completed, but I took it to the shop in a timely manner and obtained a bill of health for my car.

virginia state inspection

I also received the coveted inspection sticker on my front windshield.

virginia state inspection sticker

This year I will not be stopped by the police for an expired inspection. That may seem like a small thing to you, but it was a monumental task in previous years while I was suffering with PTSD. To say that I am THRILLED TO THE GILLS that responsibilities like this are simple now would be an under statement.

Each day is filled with experiences I’ve had many times over my years on this planet, however, they are all brand new to me because I’m such a different person now that I’ve made it through the struggle with PTSD. Every time I think about the fact that my car is inspected AND it was done on time, I want to pat myself on the back or pull out some pom poms to give myself a little cheer.

Sherry got the might,
Sherry’s ready to fight
Sherry’s always ready
Sherry’s solid steady,
Everyone say it again,
Sherry, Sherry,
You did win!

Yay Sherry!

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