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salad fingers - david firth

Everyone is different and those differences make us all unique and interesting. I know that I certainly wouldn’t want to live on a planet where everyone was my clone. Well, my daughter, Alyssa, is not my clone, but we have many things in common as well as vast differences. Regardless of what we like/dislike or believe/don’t believe, we still enjoy being together and sharing our lives because the bottom line is we love each other. One of the things we both love is Salad Fingers.

Salad Fingers And A Rusty Spoon

When Alyssa and I have opposing ideas, we are usually on opposite ends of the spectrum. Since she is an adventurous girl, I never know what she will come up with next.

One day Alyssa sat down at my computer, brought up a video and said, “Mom, you just HAVE to watch this video.”

My first thought was, “Oh boy, I wonder what it will be this time,” but I sat down and clicked play to watch Salad Fingers, Episode 1 called “Spoons” by David Firth.

It is only 1:50 minutes long, so click and watch it…

What Did You Just Watch?

Now you may think I have totally lost my mind, but let me tell you what you just watched. Salad Fingers is a cartoon that was created by David Firth, a British cartoonist, in July of 2004. The Salad Fingers creature is a very skinny, light green skin, bald, humanoid hunchback who doesn’t have a nose or ears and has long, strange fingers. The Salad Fingers creature speaks with a Northern English accent. Sometimes Salad Fingers gets a raspy asthmatic-like breathing voice which is brought about when he becomes mesmerized with something or experiences extreme pleasure.

The Salad Fingers cartoons are post-apocalyptic psychological horror shows that were extremely popular on the Internet in 2005.

Christian ‘Crust’ Pickup, David Firth’s co-writer, described Firth as having salad fingers when he played the guitar and the name just stuck.

Episode 1 called “The Spoons” is what you just watched. It shows that Salad Fingers has a love of touching rusty spoons and other various rusty objects like a door bell panel and a kettle. At one point he says, “The feeling of rust against my salad fingers is almost orgasmic.” Obviously, Salad Fingers has an obsessive love of spoons and rusty metal things.

The great drama in this first episode shows Salad Fingers walking to a house of a very strange young boy to inquire if he has any rusty spoons. This horrible looking child screeches like a pterodactyl two times. When the screeching exchange is over, Salad Fingers leaves the house after having an orgasmic experience by touching a rusty kettle.

That totally makes perfect sense, don’t you agree? LOL

i like rusty spoons - salad fingers

The Reaction To Salad Fingers

Years ago, my first reaction to Salad Fingers was about the same as my nieces which was what she posted on Facebook: “Omg what in the hell did I just watch?”

I have to say that when I read Brittany’s reaction, I just laughed out loud. My sister’s comment, “Very creepy…and bizarre,” was less emotional, but still my family was baffled.

Over the years, Alyssa and I have had fun with this silly cartoon guy and his orgasmic rusty spoon experience. I can’t tell you how many times I have laughed until my side ached. It has provided more opportunities for Alyssa and I to share happy moments together. I actually gave Alyssa a silver necklace that says, “I’d like to inquire about your spoons,” and she loved it!

So if you just want more, more, more of Salad Fingers after watching the first video, there are eight more that can be found on YouTube. Here’s a complete list and what they are entitled:

  • Episode 1 – Spoons
  • Episode 2 – Friends
  • Episode 3 – Nettles
  • Episode 4 – Cage
  • Episode 5 – Picnic
  • Episode 6 – Present
  • Episode 7 – Shore Leave
  • Episode 8 – Cupboard
  • Episode 9 – Letter

You can also visit David Firth’s website called Fat Pie and follow him on Twitter at @DAVID_FIRTH.

Do you like to touch rusty spoons?


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1 Joan July 21, 2013 at 2:23 pm

I have no idea what I just watched but I liked it! I found it to be original and creative. And that is enough for me to like it! 🙂


2 Sherry Riter July 22, 2013 at 7:24 pm

LOLOLOLOL You’re funny! I’m glad you were able to appreciate the creativity of Salad Fingers! 😀


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