Our Visit To The Metro Richmond Zoo

by Sherry Riter in Travel,Zoo

I’ve always loved the zoo.


When Alyssa was a little girl, we had season passes to the zoo because we visited so much. It had been quite awhile, so we decided to go to the Metro Richmond Zoo. It is located at:

8300 Beaver Bridge Rd
Moseley, Va 23120
(Chesterfield Co.)
(804) 739-5666

One of the things I love about the Metro Richmond Zoo is that it can be found nestled in the woods not far from other civilization.

Map Virginia Metro Richmond Zoo

Of course, the other thing that makes the Metro Richmond Zoo so great is the animals that call it home.

The Lovely Flamingo

Beautiful feathers with funny legs.

Metro Richmond Zoo  Flamingo

Metro Richmond Zoo Alyssa Memorial Day

Such A Satisfied Little Animal

These little animals were just as cute as you can imagine.

Metro Richmond Zoo  1

Laughing Monkey

First we watched the monkey play with carrots and feed them to giant gold fish. Then we watched him roll over, play and laugh.

Metro Richmond Zoo  2

Toe Sucking Monkey

Sometimes the monkey that is behind glass can be seen sucking his toe.

Metro Richmond Zoo  3

Definitely Got Horns

Gorgeous, thick, loopy horns!

Metro Richmond Zoo  4

Alligators Ugh!

Yeah, no thank you. I don’t like alligators.

Metro Richmond Zoo  Alligators

This Bird Could Say “Hello”

As soon as we walked up to the bird, he said, “Hello!”

Metro Richmond Zoo  talking bird

Craziest Looking Bird

I have no idea what all that orange flesh served.

Metro Richmond Zoo  bird

1 Hump Or 2?

We stayed far enough away from the camels to ensure if they started feeling mischievous, they wouldn’t be able to spit on us.

Metro Richmond Zoo  Camel

Doe A Deer, A Female Dear

Bambi!!! LOL

Metro Richmond Zoo  Deer

Can You Believe Alyssa Touched Animals?!

I know it is hard to believe, but Alyssa was touching as many animals as she could. I was thrilled!

Metro Richmond Zoo  Donkey

Naaaaaa Says The Goat

Metro Richmond Zoo  Goat

Lemurs – Long Tail And Short Tail

Metro Richmond Zoo  Lemur

Metro Richmond Zoo  Long tail Lemur

Reach Out That Hand Monkey!

Metro Richmond Zoo  Monkey reaching


Don’t even tell me that the orangutan is red.

Metro Richmond Zoo  Orangutan


Metro Richmond Zoo  Penguin


As the rhinoceros were eating, all I could think was that these animals looked so prehistoric!

Metro Richmond Zoo  Rhinoceros


Turtle! No, I mean tortoise! Huge shells! Oh my, these were such big animals!

Metro Richmond Zoo  Tortoise

Wild Boar

The wild boar were so ugly that they were beautiful.

Metro Richmond Zoo  Wild Boar

Giraffe, Giraffe, Giraffe!

Ahhh, yes. The giraffe were HUGE and cute.

Metro Richmond Zoo  Giraffe

Metro Richmond Zoo  Alyssa petting Giraffe

Yes, We Love The Zoo

Saaaaay Cheeeeese!

Metro Richmond Zoo  Alyssa & Redhead Riter

Yep! We had a wonderful time at the zoo. Do you like the zoo? Which zoos have you visited?

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1 Skip_D May 29, 2013 at 5:45 am

I love the zoo! I’ve been to lots of them… the Brookfield zoo in Chicago, when I was a wee tad; the Central Park zoo in NYC; the San Francisco zoo; the Franklin Park zoo in Boston; The Nairobi Snake Park (a full-featured reptile zoo) in Kenya; & the Little Rock zoo, among others…

I love the chubby, satisfied critter sitting on his backside! looks like a very fat prairie dog – or maybe a ground hog… I like the alligators, who look very satisfied also 😀

that crazy-looking bird is an African ground hornbill… I saw lots of them in Eritrea & Ethiopia, where they strut around prouder than a peacock… their Tigrinya name is Aba Gumbwah – a perfect name for such a bird! that red wattle has the same purpose as a turkey’s wattle… for attracting the fair sex! 😉

yup, the orang is a redhead!!! 😛 & yes, the rhino is a very prehistoric mammal – they’re relics from the giant mammals that took over after the demise of the dinosaurs… speaking of ancient, those tortoises fill that bill nicely! those look like Galapagos tortoises… mine is an African tortoise, which won’t get quite as big as those, but eventually will be big enough that a kid could ride him! 😀

those boars are incredible! I agree, they’re beautiful! …& so are you & Alyssa!

can you see how much I love the zoo, & especially your account of your visit to the zoo? 😉


2 Sherry Riter May 29, 2013 at 7:34 am

😀 Yes, I can tell you like the zoo too.

I couldn’t remember all the names of the animals, but the moment you said that the bird with the funny orange neck was a Hornbill, I remembered it!

Thank you {{{hugsss}}}


3 Philip Bond May 29, 2013 at 9:11 pm

Two beautiful Ladies..


4 Sherry Riter May 30, 2013 at 11:50 am

Thank you so much Philip! {{{hugssss}}}


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