Tomorrow I have a whole lot of pictures to show you, but today I will share a few simple food thoughts. I have a lot of thoughts about food…still. Actually, my life seems to center more on food now than it used to, but in an entirely different way.

Grain Free To The Rescue

When I was first diagnosed with a grain allergy, I was shocked, sad and relieved all at the same time. I never dreamed that so many of my physical problems were caused by my reaction to grain. I mean, it never crossed my mind that I could live without a food group! But with the elimination of grain from my diet, one health problem at a time just kept disappearing and I feel so much better now.


There was also an immediate and overwhelming emotional reaction upon hearing the diagnosis. The first week after finding out about my grain allergy, I basically ate nothing. I didn’t know what I could eat, I was scared to eat, and I was too sad to eat.

empty white plate diet grain free

I knew that I couldn’t keep wallowing in my sadness, so I started the process of eliminating grain from my food intake. At first, I only felt safe eating a few very basic foods like apples, sweet potatoes and green beans.

white plate red apple spoon diet

It wasn’t long before eating a plain apple just wasn’t enough to satisfy my sweet tooth, so I baked them with a little cinnamon. Mmmmm…baked organic apples right out of the oven and filling the room with a wonderful aroma. Yeah, they are really delicious.

organic ripe baked apples cinnamon

After placing a huge pile of freshly made whipped cream on top of the warm apples in the bowl, I was satisfied with my dessert. Have I ever told you how much I love to make and eat whipped cream? The texture is so divine. Seriously, not many things rank higher than whipped cream.

whipped cream warm organic apples

Anyway, I had purchased a red bowl because it looked happy and I like eating out of pleasant dinnerware. Somehow the red bowl had taken the place of Bella’s “official” dog bowl. I love Bella, the little red dog. Since it was Bella’s dinnertime, I put some turkey, gravy and diced mozzarella in the red bowl. Then to ensure that she didn’t look at me with sad eyes while I ate my apples, I plopped a dollop of whipped cream on top of all her food in the red bowl. She seemed to enjoy it immensely and acted very happy.

dog dinner in red bowl whipped cream

Spoiled? Bella isn’t spoiled. Whatever gave you that idea?


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