The Mystery Of The Black Fuzzy Dust

by Sherry Riter in Family,Sherry

black fuzzy dust bathroom vanity

I think most people enjoy a clean home, but most people don’t enjoy cleaning it. One super positive thing about not being married is that I don’t have to share a bathroom and it remains clean. You see, I have a simple technique that ensures my bathroom is always clean.

The Easiest Way To Keep The Bathroom Clean

Since I am a firm believer in carefree timelessness, it is necessary to tweak my cleaning techniques in order to obtain maximum time efficiency. Less time spent cleaning means more time to do whatever is necessary or to do fun stuff.

After stepping out of the hot shower, everything in the bathroom is covered with a moist mist because the bathroom door remains closed. So the first thing I do is spray the cleaner all over the vanity area. I am then able to simply wipe the surface spotlessly clean. I repeat the same procedure for the rest of bathroom at least once a day. Obviously, this keeps my bathroom very clean.

The Mystery Of The Fuzzy Dust

Without my glasses on I can’t see small details like dust. Late one night after writing my blog I went into the bathroom to take a shower and get ready for bed. I still had my glasses on and as I looked down at the sink I could see that it was covered with black fuzzy dust!

Not only was the sink and vanity covered, but every surface in the bathroom was covered with the same black fuzzy dust. I was totally perplexed. Where did this black fuzzy dust come from and how did it end up all over everything? Even Alyssa had no idea how it got there.

Over the next few days I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I tested the hair dryer, but when it was on, nothing came out of it. I looked at the air condition vent, but it was clean. I checked to make sure there were no cracks in the wall in case something was blowing in, but I didn’t see any cracks either. Then I got scared and wondered if an intruder had come in and hidden a camera in the air condition vent. Yeah, I have watched too many movies on television.

Anyway, I just couldn’t figure out where the black fuzzy dust originated.

Time To Go To Church

I haven’t gone to church in many years due to my PTSD and because “we” used to go to church together. “We” meaning that Tom, my ex-husband, and I sat side-by-side on the pew each Sunday. Not only have I suffered with an inability to handle crowds, but I also have way too many memories with Tom at church. So both things reek havoc on my ability to attend a regular church service.

About three months ago, Alyssa said, “Mom, you need to go back to church and I will go with you. Let’s go at Christmas. It will be a good time to get started again.”

Since it was so far in the future, I heartily agreed. Well, time sped past and that Sunday was fast approaching. I suddenly realized that I needed to find my dresses that were still packed in the storage. My mom also knew that I was going to church and she gave me a sweater coat-jacket set that belonged to my grandmother who passed away several years ago. I figured between my own dresses and the option of wearing my grandmother’s hand-me-downs, I would look descent.

I went to the store Saturday night, purchased some silky black hose, made sure my black heels were shiny and checked the skirt set to ensure it didn’t need ironing. Nope. It didn’t have even one wrinkle. I was set to go to church the next day.

sequined black sweater skirt outfit

The Mystery Of The Fuzzy Dust Solved

Sunday morning after taking a shower, applying makeup, drying my hair, eating breakfast and brushing my teeth, it was time to get dressed. I put on my hose, slip and skirt. Then I went into the living room and asked Alyssa to hold the opening in the sweater shirt open. I wanted to be able to slip my head through the neck opening without it messing up my hair. Believe me, we have this technique down to a science.

As I slipped my head through the hole, it felt like the sweater was ripping down the back. I knew that the sweater was very loose, so I was sure it wasn’t ripping. I asked Alyssa to take a look at it.

“It is completely ripped down the back and it is leaving black fuzzies all over you. Take it off Mom because it is dry rotted,” Alyssa said.

I pulled the sweater back over my head and handed it to Alyssa. Then I looked down to see that I was covered with black fuzzies the size of dust.

Oh my goodness!

A few days earlier I had tried on the sweater jacket that went with this sweater shirt! That must have been how the black dust fuzzies got all over my bathroom!! I’m so glad an intruder didn’t break in to hide a camera in my bathroom. Seriously! It happens to people all the time!

The mystery of the black fuzzy dust is officially solved. I’m such a great detective! 😉

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1 Skip_D December 24, 2012 at 12:10 pm

begone, black fuzzies!!! eradicate that dust!!! 😀

…great detective work, Private Eye Redhead! 😉


2 Sherry Riter December 24, 2012 at 1:13 pm

LOL Thank you Skip!!!


3 PJ December 24, 2012 at 9:28 pm

Hey Sunshine! Well, you solved the mystery of the “Black Fuzzies”, but left us with the mystery, “Did you end up going to church? LOL!

God Bless!
Love ya,


4 Sherry Riter December 24, 2012 at 9:43 pm

LOL Yep! I went to church and stuck to Alyssa like glue and cried many times. Life sure isn’t easy!


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