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“Clint’s hand, pressed against the satin of Heather’s dress, was warm and caused her skin to tingle. Heather was oblivious to anything in the room except for the handsome man that held her within the circle of his strong arms. His smouldering eyes held Heather powerless to move as Clint’s lips closed over her mouth. The flames of passion engulfed her and all rational thought turned to ashes as Heather answered Clint’s passion with her hungry kisses.”

The Definition Of Passion

I think we should probably start on the same foot, so let me give you the definition of passion: an ardent affection or love; a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept; sexual desire; an object of desire or deep interest.

Phew! What a great definition for a great word!

Hot Passionate Love & Embraces

Passionate Expectations By Men And Women

Well, we already know that men and women speak in a different language and that their brains work differently. So what do men and women think about passion and specifically, passion in marriage?

Married couples have expectations in marriage and they are way out there! Many women, actually most women want to have security in the form of financial support from their marriage partner. They also want someone that will keep the secrets of their soul, support their dreams, kindle romance like that found in novels and to be passionate lovers. Women’s passion really thrives in their mind long before their body kicks in to join the party.

Men have one main goal – happiness. In a marriage, men want a faithful wife that he can trust, a nurturing love relationship and passionate sex, but not the kind that you find in romance novels. For the most part, women want the whole story and men really like the ending most of all.

Hot Passionate Love Embraces Forbidden Dangerous

We’re Old, Wrinkled And Our Marriage Is Passionless

Hello! It doesn’t matter that you are old and wrinkled because we all age the same way eventually if we are lucky. Every marriage should be passionate and no one should settle for anything less.

When a marriage is passionless it is time to kick it up a notch and throw some thrill back in the mix. Just because a marriage is passionless or feels passionless doesn’t mean it has to stay passionless. A hot, passionate marriage filled with enduring love and passionate embraces takes work.

Yes, I said work. Anything worth having is worth working for and a passionate marriage is worth it.

How To Add Passion Back Into A Marriage

Mystery is erotic and eroticism is passionate. So if you have been married to your spouse for a billion years, you may think that there is no way to add mystery to anything you do together. That just isn’t true!

  1. Try something new – New experiences are exciting! Not only do you experience new emotions, but you get to enjoy the reaction of your spouse. So be daring and plan something new to surprise your spouse.
  2. Think about sex – I’m sure this won’t be hard for the men to do, but women really need to work on this one especially since their passion starts in their head and usually moves slowly. By thinking about and fantasizing about your partner, you kick start the passion and you don’t leave all the work to him. Besides, a woman’s brain is phenomenal and has no problem with multiple tasks.
  3. Dress up, dress down or don’t dress – However you normally dress, whether is is up, down or sideways, do the complete opposite. The drastic difference will add a spark of mystery, element of surprise and increase the passion in your relationship.
  4. Make time for passionate sex – Look at sex as a privilege instead of a duty or responsibility. Sexual duty is usually passionless. Set aside time to do things together and make sure that some of that time is for sex. No one can dispute that great sex is passionate and keeps passion in the marriage.
  5. Lighten up with humor – Laughter is great for the soul and helps you to feel happy all over. Since you are already making love to your spouse’s entire body, adding humor in the marriage is a definite happiness booster. A great belly laugh between lovers is priceless.

Hot Passionate Love Embraces Pride

Don’t Miss The Bliss

A good goal to keep at the top of your list is to be passionate about the passion in your relationship so that you don’t miss the bliss.

Having a loving and passionate marriage is very fulfilling. It will put the rose colored glasses on your face and they will remain there most of the time. Little things won’t become big things and the big things won’t destroy the relationship. Passionately wanting to succeed at love in a sexually passionate relationship is a worthwhile endeavor and will lead to a lifetime of happiness.

The mind can be a powerful aphrodisiac. My advice for all the women…read chapters 1-15 of the passionate novel in your head before you join your spouse. Your husband skips those chapters or speed reads through them anyway. However, with flexed biceps and rippling abs, he is ready and willing to start reading chapter 16.

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