Kmart Creates Creative Costumes And One For Me!

by Sherry Riter in Holiday

Who's in that costume?

During the month of October, I’ve had a link to the Kmart Kreator in my sidebar to encourage everyone to create a Kmart Halloween costume. I don’t know if you used it, but I had so much fun playing dress up and I hope you did too! Choosing a costume using the Kmart Kreator brought back so many wonderful and fun memories.

When I was a little girl back in the dinosaur age, I wore the Halloween costumes that had the plastic face masks with two holes for the eyes, two tiny holes for the nose and a thin slit for the mouth. The whole time I wore the mask, my face would feel hot and sweaty. Today there are so many other alternatives to having a snazzy Halloween costume and with the Kmart Kreator it is a cinch!

After uploading my face in the Kmart Kreator, it was nice to see that I started out in pajamas which as you know is always my favorite outfit. 😉

redhead riter shortie pajamas halloween

Decorating for Halloween is as fun as getting candy on Halloween. We have used all kinds of decorations including:

  • hanging webs over the entire living and dining room ceilings
  • having motion activated spiders crawl up the wall
  • the entire front yard became a graveyard with tombstones and body parts emerging from the ground
  • Halloween knick knacks on every available surface
  • candy flowing from Halloween containers in every room
  • crazy Halloween food
  • little orange and green lights
  • floating ghosts
  • cackling witches
  • scary candles
  • carved pumpkins
  • glow-in-the-dark skeletons
  • big Halloween banners and signs
  • bats hanging from streamers
  • ghostly wreaths

While using the Kmart Kreator, I decided to start off with a favorite of Virginians, the Pocahontas Indian costume. Oh yeah!

redhead riter Pocahontas Indian costume halloween

The next costume I created was the green M&M because as we all know, the green M&M is just too cute.

redhead riter green m&m costume halloween

Since vampires are a really big deal on Halloween and any other time of the year, I had to see if I could compete with Bella and Edward in the Twilight movies. I think the big collar totally rocked especially since it was red.

redhead riter vampire costume halloween

Then it was time to be a princess. Since I totally love the Beast, Belle was the perfect Halloween princess costume to try in the Kmart Kreator. Just point me to the library. If you haven’t watched Beauty and the Beast, the Beast gave Belle a library. See how awesome the Beast is as a prince?! Of course, I was a great princess too!

redhead riter Belle princess costume halloween

After trying Halloween costumes that were historic, delicious, fantasy and sweet characters, it was time for something a little more sexy like Cat Girl.

redhead riter catgirl costume halloween

There is one costume more sexy than Cat Girl and that would be Cat Girl grown up into Catwoman. Whether you associate Catwoman with Julie Newmar, Lee Meriwether, Eartha Kitt, Michelle Pfeiffer or Halle Berry, sexy is definitely a very appropriate description. So the Kmart Kreator choice for me was Cat Girl…

redhead riter catwoman costume halloween 1

Of course, I couldn’t let my family go without a little Halloween fun, so I created costumes for all of them!

crayola mermaid pink fairy costume kmart

green fairy ninja blue fairy costume kmart

Yeah, my family is never safe.

Happy Halloween!

Using Kmart’s Kreator is helping me create a fun and memorable Halloween for my family. Try it for yourself! Find all your Halloween needs at Kmart’s Halloween Shop.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Kmart. The opinions and text are all mine. Official Kmart Halloween Sweepstakes Rules.

Comment below to win one (1) of five (5) $100 Kmart gift-cards!

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