How Will I Look Bald Due To Stress?

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It is NO SECRET that I have been stressed for several years, but the past six months have been especially stressful. However, THIS MONTH has been even more stressful and my body is showing some signs of too much stress.

Every morning for the past month when I washed my hair, I have a HUGE handful of hair that I must clean out of the drain. I always lose a lot of hair, but knew that it was way more than normal. So when I went to see my hairdresser tonight, he confirmed that my hair was much thinner and it was probably due to stress. I wasn’t surprised at all, but was glad to know that I wasn’t just imagining it.

How To Prevent Stress Related Hair Loss

There are several things that you can do to either prevent or curb the speed of hair loss brought about by too much stress.

  • Eliminate the stressors – To completely eradicate the stressors from your life would be the ultimate in cures for stress. Umm…I don’t think this one is possible.
  • Reduce exposure to stress – Everyone has stress, but being able to set boundaries to the stress will alleviate the pressure. Avoid contact as much as possible with people who cause you stress. For example, if you work with someone who doesn’t really have contact with you directly anymore, but passes you from time to time in the hallway, don’t let the experience overwhelm you. Ignore the stressful person. Pretend that you do not see them. Sing a song really loud in your head and tell yourself that you are JUST. SO. HAPPY. Yeah, it DOES work. You’ll just have to believe me on this one because as much as I would like to share the whole disgusting story with you, I’m not going to do it. ;)
  • Exercise – You don’t have to put on workout gear, join a club and devote twenty hours a week to exercising. Instead, every hour, get out of the chair and walk two and half minutes in one direction, turn around and walk two and half minutes back. That burst of energy required for the short walk is enough exercise to not only reduce stress, but it will also elevate your metabolism and help you lose weight.
  • Reduce caffeine – As great as it feels sometimes, caffeine increases agitation and stress. Avoid it. Once you ween yourself off caffeine, you’ll feel so much better.
  • Peace – Learn ways to help you feel calm and peaceful.
  • Laugh – Laugh as often as possible not only at things, but also laugh at yourself. If you can laugh at yourself, you won’t feel so intense and stressful.

Nutrition For Hair Loss Due To Stress

It is important to keep our body in balance and with extreme stress, everything gets out of whack. There are several things that you can do nutritionally to help curb or eliminate hair loss due to stress.

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids – The omega-3 fatty acids are fats that your body needs and can only get from foods or vitamins supplements. Foods such as salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids. Since it is my favorite kind of fish and it reduces stress, I know what I will be eating for dinner tomorrow night.
  • Vitamin B – The B vitamins will calm the nervous system which inevitably reduces stress.
  • Multivitamins – Every day take a well-rounded multivitamin that is packed with vitamins, nutrients and minerals. By providing everything your body needs nutritionally, it is better able to cope with stress.
  • Biotin, Vitamin H or Coenzyme R – Whether you call it Biotin, Vitamin H or Coenzyme R, they are all the same water-soluble B-vitamin (B7). Taking extra vitamin B7 specifically will help not only reduce stress, but also aids in the growth of hair and nails.
    Where can Biotin be found in food? Great question! Vitamin B7 is found in halibut, eggs, wheat products, cabbage, Swiss chard, red beet, beans, spinach, carrots and nuts.

How Will I Look Bald Due To Stress?

If I had to pick out one physical feature about myself that I liked the most it would be my hair. So you probably think I am freaking out since it is falling out, but I’m not. Actually, I’m not really upset about it at all. I’m not sure if my great attitude is a result of therapy or because I know once the stress has passed my hair will grow back. Actually, I’ve had my hair fall out like this several times in my life. I do know that if I get all stressed about it, more hair will fall out. I didn’t intend that to sound funny, but that just really made me laugh right out loud.

Anyway, I’m sure that my teaser title has made you wonder what I will look like if I go completely bald due to my inability to cope with stress in my life. Well, wait no longer. How do I look bald?

bald stress woman redhead

(Seriously laughing)

Can I just say that I make a great bald lady?! I actually think I look great! I’m sure being a bald woman has all kinds of stigmas, but seriously, it is JUST HAIR!

Keeping it all in perspective,
The Balding Redhead Riter

I would seriously ROCK with a bald head!



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