Gravatar Comment Pictures – Are You Noticed?

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Do you make comments on blogs?

When you make a comment on a blog that enables commentor profile pictures, does your comment have a photo next to it?


If you have a website of your own, you really should have a picture. It is just one more thing to attract people to your own site. Don’t tell me that you don’t have a picture of yourself because you can use any photo! Do you have a cat? Dog? Horse?


Now you’re just being difficult!

Do a Google search for “Shrek” and use that picture. (wink)

Let me tell you how you can have your picture show up on any blog that has the profile pictures enabled. It is easier than setting up an email account!


How To Create A Gravatar

The little profile picture next to a comment is an avatar and the company that stores these avatars is called Gravatar! Don’t you just love that play on words?!!!

Let me show you how to set up your avatar picture.

Go to and enter your email address in the blank box that says, ENTER YOUR EMAIL TO GET STARTED. Then click the GET YOUR GRAVATAR button.

How To Make A Gravatar 01 
An email will be sent to the email address you entered. Hop over to your email and make sure you check your SPAM FOLDER if you don’t see it in a couple minutes.

How To Make A Gravatar 02 
A link will be given to activate your account. Click the link.

How To Make A Gravatar 03 
You have been taken back to the Gravatar site and you will see your email listed.

Make up a username and click CHECK to ensure that the username you chose is available. If not, try again.

How To Make A Gravatar 04 
If the username is accepted, choose a password and enter it twice for verification. Also, write it down so that you won’t forget it. Click SIGNUP.

Now you need to add a picture to your account to create your Gravatar avatar. Click ADD ONE BY CLICKING HERE.

How To Make A Gravatar 06 
Choose where you want to get the picture from: the hard drive, the internet, a previously loaded image. I chose MY COMPUTER’S HARD DRIVE.

How To Make A Gravatar 07 
I needed to look on my computer to find a picture I wanted to use, so the next step is to click BROWSE.

How To Make A Gravatar 08 
Ahhhhh…I found one! I’m NOT trying to make you hungry. LOL

Click the image you want to use or eat. No, I mean click the image you want to use! Now click OPEN.

How To Make A Gravatar 09 
The link to the image will now appear in the BROWSE box, so click NEXT.

How To Make A Gravatar 10 
If the image isn’t the right size, you will be given the option to crop it. CLICK AND HOLD the dotted lines to move them. The dotted lines indicate where your photo will be cropped (cut off). When it looks the way you want it to look as indicated in the SMALL VIEW and LARGE VIEW shown to the right, go ahead and click CROP AND FINISH!

How To Make A Gravatar 11 
Choose a rating for your Gravatar picture using the same ratings as is used on movies. The rating definitions are given to help you decide which rating to choose.

How To Make A Gravatar 12 
Click MY ACCOUNT from the top right-hand corner and from the dropdown menu choose VIEW MY PROFILE.

How To Make A Gravatar 14 
TaaDaa! Your Gravatar avatar is born!

How To Make A Gravatar 15 
Now when you make a comment on a blog and enter your email address, the Gravatar avatar will populate. You won’t have a funny design next to your comment anymore.

How To Make A Gravatar 16 

So go jump over, create a Gravatar avatar, then come back over and show us how it looks by MAKING A COMMENT BELOW. If you already have a Gravatar avatar, comment anyway and say, “Hi” so we can see your picture!

How was the tutorial?

Oh, I almost forgot. since you didn’t like the Shrek idea, here’s another picture you can use instead.  

Spider Gravatar Avatar For Commenting 
LOL I couldn’t help myself!  

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