I’m Almost Naked! Please Don’t Take My Picture!

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I’m sure most of us don’t want our picture taken while we are naked. Well, maybe you don’t mind it, but I sure don’t want all this…uh, glowing skin captured forever in a photograph. However, I took my best friend’s picture while she was almost naked and she wasn’t very happy about it. What she doesn’t know, is that I’m also posting it on my blog for you to see.

Bella’s Appointment With My Scissors

If you didn’t already know that Bella is my best friend, I guess you know it now. Regardless of our friendship, Bella doesn’t like me taking her picture and isn’t quite as tolerant as my photogenic daughter or mother. So when she sees the camera, Bella starts wiggling around A LOT. Obviously, that makes it hard to capture a great shot of her.

Even though it is tough, I keep on trying to take Bella’s photo and sometimes really get some great expressions on her face.

Let me tell you what Bella was saying during our little photo shoot…I mean, what Bella was thinking…

“No! I don’t want my picture taken because you’ve cut off just about all my fur and I’m naked!”

pure bred red toy poodle 1

Bella, you’re not naked! I enjoyed cutting and shaping your fur to get you all ready for summer. You are so soft and you have to admit, you feel refreshed after that great bath Alyssa gave you with her wonderfully smelling sensitive shampoo. And Bella, you look so adorably cute.

pure bred red toy poodle  2

“I don’t have to admit anything. Do you really think I look cute?”

pure bred red toy poodle 3

Oh my goodness, yes!!! You are the cutest dog in the whole world! You know what else? I love that your fur is the same color as my hair. We actually match kinda like twins, except that you’re a dog and I’m a woman. You know what I mean.

pure bred red toy poodle 5

“Golly gee! Aww shucks! Thank you! Thank you! I am glad that you groom me instead of taking me somewhere and dropping me off with all those other dogs. It is so relaxing having you cut my fur and that’s why I always fall asleep while you’re doing it. I can tell that you love me by the way you take such great care of me. I love you a whole bunch.”

pure bred red toy poodle 4

I love you too, Bella. Thank you for being my best friend and keeping me company all the time.


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