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by Sherry Riter in Motivation

When I was approached to read The Charge by Brendon Burchard, I jumped at the opportunity with the hope of learning how to have my life more in control. I know that I probably have a different take on the book than the average person because I am still plagued with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

The Charge by Brendon Burchard

The Charged Life

How would you describe your life? In many ways, I describe my life the way Brendon defines one who is living a caged life. It is a person who asks, “Will I survive?” The focus on this type of life is on my safety, nutrition and a roof over my head. Most people fall into the comfortable life. That type of person asks, “Will I be accepted and succeed?” and they focus on belonging. Unlike the caged and comfortable life, the Charged Life is energized.

A person living a Charged Life thinks about if they are living their truth, full potential and an inspired life while inspiring others. That type of life feels out of my reach at this point. I actually remember living that way for many years. I was so confident, motivated on life and felt that I could accomplish anything, so I know that Brendon was delivering truth in his book. I decided I would read the book with a positive attitude.

The book is broken down into our ten drives.

  • The Drive For Control
  • The Drive For Competence
  • The Drive For Congruence
  • The Drive For Caring
  • The Drive For Connection
  • The Drive For Change
  • The Drive For Challenge
  • The Drive For Creative Expression
  • The Drive For Contribution
  • The Drive For Consciousness

While sprawled on the sofa reading the book, I kept folding down the corners of page after page. Yes, I know a bunch of you probably just cringed, but I’m a corner folder. It not only marks places that I want to remember, but it also helps me feel more of a part of the book. So after I finished reading The Charge, there were a whole bunch of folded down corners.

The Charge Creative Expression Brendon Burchard 2

The Drive For Creative Expression

At this point of my life I enjoyed the chapter, The Drive For Creative Expression the most. All parts of me have diminished with PTSD except for one – my creativity. It seems that the creative part of me has blossomed and screams for a way to express itself everyday. I really believe that, “Creative expression is the grand driver and amplifier of satisfaction in life. When we feel we are expressing our unique selves consistently, we feel truly alive and energized.”

As Brendon stated, “There are more than 7 billion people on the planet. Among them, you are unique. Live that.” It is easy to be like everyone else. It is easier to fit in when everyone is basically the same. Since I’ve never been like everyone, looked like everyone or made choices like everyone, believing in my creative self is vital. I have been thinking and dreaming about how I will expand my creativity because that drive is really the strongest right now.

The Charge Creative Expression Brendon Burchard

Why You Should Read The Charge

You should read the book because not only is it excellently written, but you can really apply the concepts in your life. Actually, if you take the information to heart, it could change your outlook and life forever. You might be rolling your eyes and thinking, “Yeah, right,” but I assure you that I’m not exaggerating. Life is not easy for anyone, so it is important that we learn to enjoy the journey and not just the destination.

I could break down all the different parts of The Charge, but unless you read it yourself, you just won’t really be able to feel the full impact. However, I will share with you one part of the book that hit my heart strings. At the very end of the book, you will find the Acknowledgements. I fully expected Brendon to thank his wife, but it was wonderful to hear a man express his love and he did it for all the world to read.

“To my eternal sunshine, Denise. I remain in awe of the love we share, and it is that love that lights my life brighter and brighter every day. Eight years, Sunshine, and not one day has gone by that I haven’t felt a giddy and grateful charge in my heart to be with you.”

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