Hotel Tales: Swingers Took A Floor

by Sherry Riter in Hotel

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Working as a hotel General Manager educated me about people – all kinds of people – and it was usually quite shocking to my somewhat sheltered mind.

One day I received a phone call at work requesting to reserve an entire floor of the hotel from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. I had to clarify exactly what he was requesting because I wasn’t sure if he wanted a set number of rooms or if he actually wanted a whole floor for his group.

“I would like to have all the rooms on one floor. All the rooms,” the man said slowly and enunciating each word. Apparently he thought I wasn’t all that intelligent since I didn’t understand him the first time, but I assured him that we would guarantee a whole floor for his group.

We set a time for him to come to the hotel and sign the contract. I hung up and didn’t think much more about it since my Director of Sales would take care of the details.

On the appointed day, the man came in and had a list of requests for his group booking. Sue, my Director of Sales, brought the contract to me to approve along with a very candid explanation.

“The group,” she said, “are Swingers,” and then she just stood looking at me.

“Oh, that’s really nice. Are they competing?” I asked. Sue just stared at me like I had two heads.

“Competing? Don’t you know the definition of ‘Swinger?'” Sue asked.

“Yeah! A dancer like back in the early 1900’s. You know Flappers and Swingers,” I innocently replied.

Sue cracked up laughing. She laughed so hard that her face turned bright red and I had no idea why my explanation was funny. When Sue finally got control again, she explained that a “Swinger” was NOT a dancer.

“The Swingers that want to stay at our hotel are married couples who will spend the weekend exchanging spouses. It will be a sexual free-for-all. The reason they want the entire floor to themselves is because they are going to be naked going from room to room.”

My mouth was open in utter disbelief, but Sue hadn’t finished speaking. “They also are hiring their own security and will have them posted at the elevators and the fire escapes to ensure that no one else enters the floor. Do you have a problem with any of those arrangements?” Sue asked.

couple in bed

A million images were running through my mind, but I was able to regain a bit of business sense to add a few things to the contract. When Sue left my office, I sat staring out the window. Was I out of touch with the real world? I hadn’t ever heard of such things! Going from room to room in a hotel, totally naked and having sex with everyone was considered normal behavior?

Needless to say, the entire staff talked about the group and everyone wanted to work that weekend. Curiosity was alive and well!

Eventually, the day arrived for the Swingers to check into the hotel. I watched them stroll through the lobby, chatting and laughing. I tried hard not to stare, but I just kept wondering, “How could they unabashedly share their spouse?”

Well, I never figured out the answer to that question.

The Swingers’ security guards did an excellent job at protecting their naked privacy during the weekend. When the group checked out, they left many complimentary comments at the home office about how accommodating and attentive the staff at my hotel had been during their stay. That was the one aspect of their stay that didn’t surprise me!

Eventually, all the employees stopped talking about the group and things returned to normal. Through the years, however, I’m sure we all have remembered the weekend Swingers took a floor at the hotel and it wasn’t to dance the Tango.


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1 Skip_D April 26, 2012 at 12:37 am

hehehe… I love the concept of the swingers competing – let alone in a dance-off! At least they wouldn’t have to worry about their costumes, or wardrobe malfunctions!

It sounds like a good time was had by all… even though in some cases it must have been vicarious 😀


2 The Redhead Riter April 26, 2012 at 12:39 am

I just LAUGHED OUT LOUD at your comment, Skip!

Yes, my ignorance at the time was phenomenal. LOL


3 Xavier Nathan (@manxhypnosis) April 26, 2012 at 3:33 pm

I enjoyed your story and was surprised that you did not know what a swinger was. You must have come from a very sheltered background indeed. It was a lighthearted story and you made me laugh. Thanks.


4 The Redhead Riter April 26, 2012 at 4:23 pm

You’re welcome Xavier!

No, in my early 40’s I did not have a clue what a Swinger was and had never even heard the term. All of that is rather ironic because I have voraciously read books all my life, so I wonder how I missed it?


5 Mr Cardz May 1, 2012 at 3:18 pm

I stumbled upon your story while searching for something else and decided to give it a read. I found it VERY entertaining. My wife and I have been members of the swinging lifestyle for almost 5 years now and have attended many a hotel party. In most cases they are like you said, takeovers of an entire floor with security at the entrances. This is both to keep peeping eyes out and to keep drunken exhibitionists in.

The only thing I think was unclear about your story was the manner in which swingers choose their partners. Yes, swingers by definition sleep with people other than their spouses. Yes, in that situation there was most likely naked people in the halls at some point or another. But we have never been to a party where couples bounced from room to room playing with whatever couple happens to be in there.

Just like monogamist persons, swingers have to have a criteria and can be picky about who they do and do not sleep with. We may go to a hotel party and sleep with 1 or 2 other couples, but we’re not simply sleeping with the next person who enters our room.

I’m glad you got some insight into our lifestyle. And I hope the swingers who visited your hotel were polite and respectful and left you with no ill will towards our group.

Thank you for the story
Mr. W


6 The Redhead Riter May 1, 2012 at 6:36 pm

Mr. W,

Thank you for your comment!

The people who stayed at my hotel were very nice and I do not feel any ill will towards anyone.

The whole concept of sharing spouses just totally shocks me…still. LOL

You have me wondering if I might have met you…Have you stayed in a hotel in Richmond, Virginia? 😉


7 Mr Cardz May 1, 2012 at 11:49 pm

I may have stayed at the hotel before, we do travel a lot. However we have never been to a swinger’s party in Richmond. So, we weren’t part of that group. Just hoping they were as nice to you as we try to be with everyone we meet.

Best of Luck
Mr W


8 The Redhead Riter May 1, 2012 at 11:55 pm

Yeah, everyone was very nice. 😉


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