The Day My Daughter Tried To Kill Me

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Alyssa, my sweet daughter

A couple of weeks ago, after Alyssa had already passed a flu-like virus to me, she tried to kill me. That’s gratitude for all my years of loving devotion! So this is what happened…

I was feeling rather lethargic from trying to fight off the germs of the virus and didn’t feel much like cooking or eating. Alyssa got ready for work, hugged me and left, so I stretched out on the couch and watched the clouds in the sky. Yeah, I know, it was so thrilling you just can’t imagine.

Hours later, I went into the kitchen and saw that Alyssa had leftover food from some restaurant that she had left right next to the refrigerator. It was like she had taken it out to get to something else and just forgot to put it back. I opened it and saw some yummy grilled chicken, onions, red bell peppers and all the fixings for barely one fajita. They were warm, so I knew I couldn’t put it back in the refrigerator.

I thought, “I will eat it so it won’t go bad and be a waste.”

I warmed it up very grateful that I didn’t have to cook anything or resort to just a cold sandwich. Shortly thereafter I was enjoying a delicious meal. Well, I couldn’t taste much because of my sinus infection and bronchitis, but what I could taste was quite yummy.

However, thirty minutes after eating the fajita, I was so sick. Seriously, I was in the bathroom for hours wondering if my body was every going to get rid of the “virus” that Alyssa had given me.

In the evening when Alyssa got home and headed for the kitchen, I told her that I ate her fajita leftovers because they were left out on the counter next to the refrigerator. I told her that if she wanted to go buy some more, I would give her the money since I had eaten it.

Alyssa stared at me with a horrified look on her face. She looked like I had hit her and then said, “I’m SO sorry, Mom. I’m SO SORRY! Oh Mom! I’m so sorry I left it by the refrigerator. I should have thrown it in the trash. It has been sitting in my room for two days. OH MOM, I’M SO SORRY!”

The sun shines in Alyssa’s bedroom window and when she is gone, we leave the door shut so that Bella can’t do any further damage – (computer evidence 1, evidence 2, evidence 3). Obviously, her room gets a little warmer than the rest of the house which means that the chicken fajita did too.

I stared at her with a million things running through my mind:

Why didn’t she put it in the trash when she brought it in the kitchen? Probably because she had twenty things on her mind before she left for work.

Why didn’t she put it in the trash two days ago instead of letting it sit on her desk in her bedroom? Maybe because she is still in messy teenager mode.

I wonder what the chicken fajita really tasted like because obviously my sinus infection and bronchitis must have masked the real flavor.

No wonder I got sooooooooooo sick, sooooooooooo fast!

I didn’t even connect eating the chicken fajita with my sickness earlier because I thought it was due to the virus. I wonder if there will be any residual effect on my body later tonight?

“Alyssa!!!!!” was the only word I could form to say.

I didn’t get mad. At that point, I was rather grateful I lost the food so fast earlier or I might have really gotten much sicker. I just shrugged and shook my head in disbelief at all the crazy things that happen to me.

Alyssa kept telling me she was sorry even though she smiled like, “That is the funniest thing I’ve ever done to my mother.”

Obviously, my daughter tried to kill me. (wink).

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