Take A Bite Of Candy Now Or Miss Your Opportunity Forever

by Sherry Riter in Motivation

There are people who are content to sit and watch the world go by and there are others who run through life trying to experience and succeed at everything. I think I move around somewhere in the middle depending on who is sharing the moment with me, where I am and what I’m doing.

“To think is easy.
To act is hard.
But the hardest thing in the world
is to act in accordance with your thinking. “
~ Goethe ~

I really like to enjoy the experience – the sights, sounds, tastes, people and feelings.

Life is like this piece of candy. It is wrapped up completely on all sides. We don’t KNOW what is inside, but we have an idea based on the words and picture on the outside.

Are you satisfied with just owning the candy or do you want to experience it?

We are all alive, but some people are content to just exist without plans, goals or dreams.

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed
is more important than any one thing.”
~ Abraham Lincoln ~

Other people plan ahead and even have dreams, but they never follow through with any of them. It could be because they have so much fear inside of them – afraid to fail, get hurt, be embarrassed or lose the little bit they do currently enjoy.

I think they are like the people who own the candy, open the wrapper, but do not pick it up or take a bite. They have it all, but never experience the full joy of the candy.

I had an experience like that when I was younger and the memory still haunts me. Actually, it changed my life. I never want to make another choice based on my fear of the unknown or because I don’t feel worthy of happiness.

However, there are many, many people who are content to never think outside of the box and stretch their full potential. Their life will never be more than it is right this minute because they simply will not try to reach further into the darkness of the unknown.

I want it all.

I want the candy, out of the wrapper, held between my fingers so that can see it…

feel it…

smell it…

taste it…

I never want to have to look back with regret because I didn’t at least try to succeed. The regret is far harder to live with than a failed attempt.

Helen Keller is right…

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”
~ Helen Keller ~

Go ahead. Take a bite.

Happiness, joy and success is so sweet and well worth the effort.

Do you have a dream that you are letting just sit dormant because of your inaction? What is holding you back?

The Redhead Riter

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