Awakening The Essential Feminine Virtual Book Tour For Maureen Simon Day 3

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Today I have the great pleasure of kicking off Day 3 of the Virtual Book Tour for Awakening The Essential Feminine Claiming Your Influential Power by Maureen Simon.

Do you remember what I once told you in a previous post about this beautiful redhead and her awesome book? Do you also remember how I felt about the book and what it did for me? If not, I highly suggest you read that post tonight.

Maureen Simon is the author of Awakening The Essential Feminine Claiming Your Influential Power ~ For women who know that their feminine gifts are needed now and for women who want to know more! Maureen’s book holds a missing piece for women’s empowerment as it identifies 9 areas of life and 26 attributes that women are predisposed too based on our brain biology and socialization.

Maureen Simon is the founder of The Essential Feminine Company™ (TEF). A lifestyle and business design company that supports women through the process of creating successful powerful lives that incorporates their uniquely feminine attributes and gifts. Her company provides learning environments and products that assist women in claiming, living and leading with their natural strengths and talents.

The Interview

I recently had the opportunity to ask Maureen three very special questions.

Me: What is the easiest way to start changing our attitude?

Maureen: Attitudes are changed when we have a strong sense of understanding of who we truly are. Attitudes are based on behaviors. If we understand what’s behind the behavior the attitudes change. Know thyself first; make a commitment to what is most important to you next; and then decide specific commitments and supports that you need in order to hold to your desired change. It works best when we are fully bought in and motivated. We are motivated when the pain of staying a certain way is worse than the change we need to make. So, pick an area of your life where you would like to make change. Create a commitment based on your beliefs and desire to change and stay with it day-by-day, If you fall off the horse one day get back on the next. Happy travels!

Me: What is the best way to spread the message of how to awaken feminine essence?

Maureen: We first need to learn our feminine attributes. My book “Awakening The Essential Feminine: Claiming Your Influential Power” identifies 26 attributes to help you get started. Before we can spread any message we must first have integrated the essence of the message within ourselves. Our essential feminine essence is needed in the world now more than ever before. First identify attributes that you are strong and familiar with like, you have built powerful relationships, the way that you see the whole, the way that you naturally collaborate or your mental flexibility. Once you have picked a strength, then decide where in the world this gift is needed most and begin to teach and share.

Me: How do we teach others or our daughters to trust and use their intuition?

Maureen: Intuition for many is a distant, lost friend. Our world has socialized us to listen from the outside – externally. This approach has made us doubt our own true nature and inner voice. Women have always had a clear strong connection with intuition. It is only when we listen from the outside world in that we feel insecure. To learn how to trust your intuition you must first make friends with it. You must find the quiet still voice within and nurture her. Test her. Be open to the knowledge that she has to share. This knowledge may come through as a sign in your day that repeats often, it may be a strong feeling that you cannot shake, or may be a strong sense of knowing that you yourself cannot doubt. Begin to make friends with your intuition.

Enjoy this deeply written excerpt from Maureen’s book about “Intuition.”

Spiritual intuition is a holistic perception of reality. In the spiritual sphere of intuition, we come to realize a great oneness-a sense of the interconnectedness of all. It is possible that we can become increasingly open and aware of mystical experiences, experiences that bring us out of our bodies into other realms, and in the end, provide us with insight and wisdom that we begin to trust.

Of the four types of intuition, only the spiritual does not depend on sensory feedback, for it stands alone, informed by an inner sense of knowing. It transcends the usual, rational, dualistic way of knowing. Spiritual intuition provides us with a direct, transpersonal experience, which leads us to a deeper understanding of the source of our lives and our connection and awareness to all.

I hope you enjoyed Maureen Simon’s inspirational heartfelt answers to my interview questions, the excerpt on intuition and that you will check out Maureen’s brand new book, “Awakening The Essential Feminine Claiming Your Influential Power“, now available on Amazon

Win The Book Awakening The Essential Feminine Claiming Your Influential Power

One of my lucky readers will receive the book Awakening The Essential Feminine Claiming Your Influential Power. All you have to do is leave a comment on my blog telling me why you want to read this book and/or Tweet the giveaway or post it on your Facebook. Please leave a link to your posting in the comment section of this post.



Giveaway ends at midnight on December 14, 2011.

There’s Even More

As a gift to you Maureen would like to personally invite you to join in her complimentary monthly living room holiday teleseminar, Wednesday December 21st – Maureen’s monthly live living room events are for women who want to look more closely at key issues that affect their day-to-day success, happiness and overall well-being in a highly supportive environment…The Essential Feminine Living Room is a global networking community that meets virtually on the 4th Wednesday of each month.

Maureen’s special guest in December is Alyssa Aubrey the Founder and Program Director of Medicine Horse Ranch, an experiential learning center incorporating horses in human self-development. Her entrepreneurial spirit invites others to engage life ‘on purpose’ and inspires a deeply connected reach towards authentic expression and contribution. Alyssa considers her EGL program horses to be partners, healers, teachers and guides in this powerful, cutting edge process leading people to greater self-awareness and personal growth.

Sign up for Maureen’s free gift here.

Be sure to follow Maureen Simon tomorrow when the next stop on her virtual book tour visits “A Leigh Edwards~Where Prosperity Meets Spirit” hosted by Leigh Edwards. Enjoy a delightful excerpt from Maureen’s book about relationships and inter-connectedness. As a Law of Attraction Practitioner, Leigh helps conscious, heart-centered women build and strengthen their relationship with themselves as a foundation to uncover their “blocks” and LEAP fearlessly into living the life of their dreams…Body/Mind/Spirit.

Follow along tomorrow and visit Leigh’s blog for another chance to win your very own copy of “Awakening The Essential Feminine Claiming Your Influencial Power.”

Visit Maureen’s blog “Women Influencing Now” for full virtual book tour details and a list of all the wonderful virtual book tour hosts. Each host has something special to share with you. It may be an interview, podcast, video or excerpt from Maureen’s book. Enjoy the juicy surprises.

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1 Leigh Harris November 30, 2011 at 7:55 am

I know so many beautiful, "essential feminine" women who aren't aware of their own power in the world. I think Maureen's book will help to enlighten their awareness of their "self." In fact, I'm getting each of them a book for Christmas.


2 Stacy and Carol November 30, 2011 at 9:37 am

Red, you asked Maureen the perfect questions. I love that the focus of intuition is coming back around. It's such an important tool we all can use through-out our lives. Male or Female.
For anyone who tried to sign up for the living room and received an empty cart page here's the correct link.;=5747ec1ba23f4de2bc46d0f980c84e99&bhcp;=1


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