Face It – We Are Alone

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The other day I baked some Rich Chocolate Devil Cupcakes without the filling because I didn’t have any cream cheese. The cupcakes were so flavorful and moist, that I didn’t even think about the missing ingredient. While the cupcakes were still piping hot, I put one in a bowl and added a couple dips of vanilla ice cream and some fresh strawberries.

The combination was definitely rich and delicious.

Each item in the bowl stands alone yet are combined to create the dessert. Separately, the cupcake, strawberries and ice cream are delicious and could combine with totally different ingredients to create something other than a Rich Chocolate Devil Cupcake smothered with ice cream and strawberries. Each item could also be served alone as a dessert.

Let me put it another way. When we are born, we are delivered alone. Even if you are from a multiple birth, you were still born before or after your sibling. I’m also pretty sure that you were born naked and without any preconceived ideas or prejudices.

Keep those thoughts in the back of your mind while I explain the main point which is…We are alone. Even if you live with a big family or lots of friends, you are still alone. It is impossible to share all the thoughts that run through your head all day long and if you are like me, you don’t really want to share them either.

Not only are your silent thoughts strictly yours alone, but every experience you encounter throughout your life, you face alone.

Yes you do!

For instance, when you give birth to a child, is anyone else in the room feeling the pain? Uh…no. When you are working during the day solving problems and making money, is someone else reading your mind and copying your every move? How about when you are standing at the alter and have to say, “I do” to your fiance…Is there anyone else reading every thought that flies through your mind at that last second before you commit? Is there anyone taking away the pain when someone you love dies, someone beats you up, your arm is amputated or your closest friend turns their back on you during an extremely stressful time? No, no, no, no! You are alone to cope with all the emotions, pain and thoughts that your mind and heart are experiencing.

I’m not saying that you won’t have any support during rough patches in life, but when it gets right down to it, you are alone to cope and make choices. I believe that other people can make the horrible experiences in life easier, but that doesn’t mean that there will always be someone who is willing to have your back.

It is vitally important that you realize you are alone. If at any point of your life you sink to the bottom of the deepest ocean and you expect other people to pull you out, you may end up drowning. Even if you believe in God, you will still have to make the effort to save yourself.

Do not rely on anyone else to make everything right or save you. Understand now that you are living YOUR life and you are alone. Locate the essence of your soul and learn your strengths, weaknesses and worth because some day that knowledge might be what gives you the power to survive.

Face it – we are alone, but we have the power to win every battle in life.

You don’t believe me? Hmmm…Spend a little time getting to know yourself and I’m sure you will be surprised by your strength. Just dig deep enough and you will find it all.

That was deep. Phew!

Let’s relax.

Do you want a cupcake?


This is the last Rich Chocolate Devil Cupcake.

I guess you have to go bake your own dessert. This one is for me.

Guess I am learning that alone stuff pretty good, huh?

(wicked evil grin)

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1 Michael Ann October 24, 2011 at 4:02 pm

No comments on this one? That surprises me. This is a sad truth isn't it? I say sad just because it makes me feel that way.

Michael Ann
Thinking in My Head


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