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Tell The Truth Thursday

Welcome to “Tell The Truth Thursday” where the question that has been posted in my right side bar gets answered by me and you…and sometimes my husband too! Did you prepare your post and are you ready to drop your URL into the McLinky so that we all can follow? I hope so!

The question this week is quite simple:

    When did you act like the biggest fool and what did you do????

Before I answer the question, let me just apologize for the lateness of the posting. I had to work until 7:30 tonight and by the time I got home, ate, talked to Alyssa and played with the new puppy, time slipped by quite fast. So here we go….

You may not have read about Scott (just in case you don’t know, when you see a bold word like that, it is a link ) if you are new to my blog, but that experience ranks high on my list of foolish actions and regrets.

Another experience that is at the top of my acting foolish list happened when Alyssa was two years old. My ex-husband, Alyssa, Brittany and I took a vacation to his sister’s house in Colorado. They lived in a split level home and we were having a great time with snow everywhere. I do love snow! Anyway, we were also expecting his parents to take the trip to see us too. At some point in the evening, I needed something and started running up the carpeted stairs that led from the first to the second floor. I was hurrying and leaning forward which meant that my arms were more towards my side than in front of me. Somehow, one of my feet slipped on the carpeted stairs.

Because of my steep angle, my arms could not come around fast enough to stop my fall.

My legs and feet were thrown out from under me almost horizontal with the floor below.

All of this happened like it was slow motion.

My face was headed for the edge of the stairs with all the weight of my forward leaning body.

I saw the carpet.

I felt the sharp pain on the middle of my nose and heard a crack.

I tasted blood.

Then it went dark.

I was knocked out with an inch long split in the top of my nose that was bleeding profusely along with the blood that was coming from inside of my nose.

I looked like a boxer!

When I opened my eyes, everyone was there on the stairway and I felt dizzy and nauseated. I saw blood on the carpet and walls and started apologizing and talked about getting cleaning solution so I could get the blood out. I know Pam, my ex-sister-in-law, must have thought I had lost my mind.

To say that I was incoherent would be most accurate. I was taken to the hospital where they put a blue sheet over my face, but it had an opening for my nose. The doctor was very pleasant, but it didn’t take him long to start sticking about six needles in my nose to numb it. Right inside the inch long gash!!!!.

Yes, it hurt TERRIBLY and I could SEE the needles going in my nose, so I think that made it hurt worse! Just try to remember that I’m really a wimp.

When my nose was completely numb, I was able to choose the color of my stitches, but I closed my eyes because I didn’t want to watch the doctor sewing my nose back together. Sounds silly now, but I thought it was cool to pick the color.

I really did hit my head hard.

They couldn’t operate then because I was too swollen, so although they sewed the split, my nose remained broken.

Anyway, I chose a vibrant blue for the stitches. The next morning, I was so beautiful with a busted nose, sewn with bright blue stitches and two very black eyes. Oh, and I can’t forget the rug burn on my chin, forehead, knees and elbow.

I was so beautiful!

As a side note, I never went back to the doctor to have my nose fixed. I just couldn’t stand the thought of pain in my nose again. So I have a tiny, tiny white scar (blends in perfectly with my almost albino skin) and a slightly crooked bump.

Imagine how many times I’ve told Alyssa to hold the hand rails on a stairway and not to run. Yeah, you can feel sorry for her now. Maybe the word “obsessively nagging” would be appropriate.

Falling down the stairs is bad enough, but to break your nose falling UP the stairs…I was such a fool to RUN!

{ Laughing at myself now.}

carpeted stairs

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