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Men's meme

It’s that time again to have some questions answered from a man’s point of view. Tom is excited about resuming his profession tomorrow and ready to get everything accomplished including this posting! Now that’s a change! His comments will be in BLUE:

Do you think people have become too cop happy these days? What happened to working out neighborly disputes between ourselves? I know times have changed, but have they changed that much? Am I missing something?

“I can tell you are ready to answer those questions, so go ahead.”

“Last year a neighbor went too far. They had been noisy for as long as we knew them. On one occasion, my wife very politely asked for their courtesy to reduce what had become a public disturbance at all hours of the day or night. Her respectful request was met with abusive language and posturing from he and his wife.

I heard this foul conduct and exploded toward their home ready to defend my wife as necessary. He dismissed my demand with threats while his wife cheered him on. I was stopped short by my wife’s reminder of appropriate behavior. I am still surprised that I did not follow through with getting satisfaction.

On the next of many such annoying disturbances we simply called the police. As it turned out, that was the end of our combative contacts. They moved away shortly thereafter. I consider myself to be adept at negotiating for peaceful neighbor relations and in another similar circumstance, I may well achieve that result. However, this was clearly best handled by the police.

I must say, I was quite shocked and taken aback at our neighbor’s behavior, so the whole experience is rather foggy and best forgotten. I just wanted to go back home after having him curse so violently at me as his answer to my one reasonable request.

All I can say is I’m glad they moved because the unexpected vicious attack really scared me. I just want to forget it ever happened.


Have you ever had neighborly problems? If so, what happened and how did you handle it?

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1 Oh Sew Good March 22, 2010 at 11:25 am

Our neighbors let their 3 dogs run loose and the dogs end up doing their "business" in our yard. We had snow recently and when I took mine out, their dogs were let out. My dog wanted to chase after them and because she was on a leash, I almost went flying too. I told my neighbors about my near fall and asked them nicely to keep their dogs in their yard. He ended up cursing whoever was with him and slammed the phone down on me. Of course they still come in our yard.


2 Lisa March 22, 2010 at 2:06 pm

A few years back when my kids were in their mid teens and I was out for the night, they decided to have some friends over. This was just before Halloween. My girls are not delinquents by any means, but I guess some of the boys got out of hand and broke 2 pumpkins that were on my neighbours porch. I didn't know anything about this until the next morning when the police & my neighbour showed up at my door. I was so upset I started to cry and asked why she just couldn't have told me, I would have gladly replaced them. I must say the officer told her the same thing and told her not to call over something that could have been handled quite simply. Needless to say she was new to the neighbourhood and newly married (no kids). She also had no idea what a good neighbour should be like. I never spoke to her again. I've moved since then. I guess she thinks her teens and their friends will be perfect. Good luck to her!


3 Jen @ After The Alter March 22, 2010 at 7:14 pm

Funny you let your husband answer! I gave my hubby reign of my blog today and now I'm embarrassed! lol j/k anyway I think in MOST instances neighbors should work things out amongst themselves. I live in a neighborhood where half is 55 and older, and a smaller portion (where I live) is younger (mostly newlyweds, and young families) well on the older side we find they always call the board and complain instead of just talking, on my side we just all mind our own business, and if we have a problem we talk about it.
That being said sometimes, you have to get others invovled…


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