Country Bob’s Becomes A Winner

by Sherry Riter in Product


Get a FREE bottle of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce

I love to eat.

Alyssa loves to eat.

Tom loves to eat.

We are the perfect family to test and try any food for several reasons:

We all love to eat

And we are honest critics.

I recently had the opportunity to review Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce because they mailed two 13 oz. bottles of their”Original Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce” which also came with a free Recipe Collection booklet and a bookmark. I was immediately impressed with their professional presentation!

The first line on Country Bob’s website reads “It was 1968 when Country Bob Edson perfected his steak sauce recipe and he called it an All Purpose Sauce because it was more than just a steak sauce.”

Keep that in mind for a moment…especially the “perfected” part.

The ingredients read: All Natural – tomato paste, water, vinegar, corn syrup, sugar, molasses, salt, onion powder, caramel color, garlic poweder, tamarind, corn starch, natural flavors and other spices (gluten free)

Wanting to give it a “live” test, I made my special meatballs (recipe posted here with pictures) and presented them to the family. We put the meatballs on big, soft submarine rolls, poured Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce on top and took a bite…

Wow! We were immediately in love with this sauce! My daughter, Alyssa, said, “You should order this, seriously, now.” The two bottles of Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce are not going to last long because since then, I have found that it is delicious on chicken, pork chops and shrimp. I have to say that this product is a winner!!! The sauce is perfect!!!

Do you want a free bottle too? Nothing required. Seriously,

nothing to Twitter,

nothing to blog,

nothing to comment.

To get your free bottle all you have to do is sign up and give your mailing address to Country Bob and he will put it in the mail.

It can’t get easier than that and then you too will taste the absolutely, wonderfully marvelous, deliciousness of Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce! No kidding!

Get a FREE bottle of Country Bob's All Purpose SauceGet a FREE bottle of Country Bob's All Purpose SauceGet a FREE bottle of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce

Get a FREE bottle of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce

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1 bluecottonmemory March 22, 2010 at 6:04 pm

My aunt gave my son a huge bottle of A-1 Steak sauce for his birthday! Of course, you have to understand his love for this sauce to truly appreciate the gift. I gave him an industrial sized bottle of jalepenos.

I am going to look at your meatballs! This son loves meatball subs! Keep those ideas coming!YOu'll make me look good – LOL


2 fredamans March 23, 2010 at 2:40 pm

Thanks for the link. Too bad it's US only.


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