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by Sherry Riter in Tell The Truth Thursday

Tell The Truth Thursday

Welcome to “Tell The Truth Thursday” where the question that has been posted in my right side bar gets answered by me and you…and sometimes my husband too! Did you prepare your post and are you ready to drop your URL into the Linky so that we all can follow? I hope so!

The question this week is:

    When you do something ridiculous, how much does it bother you to have other people notice it and laugh at you?

I will start off with the facts and then the answer is quite simple…

I am a klutz.

I think I have been a klutz since birth.

If it is going to happen, it will happen to me.

Here is one of a billion stories…

When we moved to Texas, I was a teenager. I do not have a houseplant green thumb, meaning that I can not keep plants alive if they are indoor plants. However, I had a cactus. It had been growing for years and years. I was so proud of my lone accomplishment. It started out the size of the end of your pinkie finger to the first knuckle and had grown to about the size of two hot dogs.

Not only was it much larger than before, it had very sharp, long spines along with a million almost microscopic spines growing all over the surface. I could not touch this cactus.

On the trip to Texas, I insisted on taking the cactus in the car with us. Although it was a smaller car and I had long legs, I put this cactus in the floorboard on my side. Nothing happened for about 800 miles, but that was only half the trip.

Coming out of the hotel the first morning, I fell down the metal edged concrete stairs and sprained my ankle. It was very swollen and hurt. This was a common occurrence. We did the normal “wrap” thing with the heel sticking out and no shoe. I couldn’t keep it elevated because I was in the back seat of a small car and my sister was back there with me.

I was miserable.

It got worse because I forgot that the cactus was in the floor board and I stepped on it with my heel hard enough to have a million spikes end up transferred from the cactus to my heel. It took Mom quite a while to pick them out with tweezers and it was so painful!


So does it bother me or do I get embarrassed any more for people to laugh at my ridiculous moments? No, because I have one probably four or five times a week!

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1 mom2three February 11, 2010 at 4:11 pm

Ouch Cactus!!!! I am not shameful of anything stupid things I do, yes I get embarrassed but I love sharing my craziness.
I just blogged about an embarrassing pee story..which actually isn't very embarrassing anymore its actually kinda funny.


2 Kelly Jo @ Typing One Handed February 12, 2010 at 12:28 am

I am cringing in pain right now!
Stopping by from SITS


3 belleringer February 12, 2010 at 12:32 am

ohmygosh, that sounded painful! i'm right there with you on the ridiculous moments happening all the time. just blogging about my klutziness. fun times! 🙂


4 jan September 21, 2010 at 6:12 am

ouch! That sounds like something I would do. lol When I was younger, OMG, I would cry for days if I embarrassed myself. Now that I'm older, I'm the opposite. I laugh at myself harder than anyone. It doesn't bother me at all if someone sees me do something embarrassing now. sammiejanL40 at aol dot com


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