Mashed In The Mesh

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horse keeping away fliesHave you ever been bothered by flies in the summer? If you have a horse, goat or cow, you know exactly what I mean when I say “bothered by flies.”

I remember when I was younger, there were two options:

flyswatterThe nasty fly swatter (metal wire handle connected to plastic square mesh end used to slap the fly against a surface leaving guts to come through the mesh holes – basically mashed through the mesh) or a pesticide strip to hang IN your home from the ceiling. Lovely “killing” chemicals (Oh boy! Just what I want hanging around while I walk around with asthma, breathing on my nebulizer, with my friends small children crawling around—NOT!).

Is there any other option?

Yes, I found another option that is HARMLESS to yourself, your family, your pets and your friends children!

I just love sharing this great information! My daughter says that I am a “data hog,” but “hog” anywhere close to a nickname for me doesn’t set well, so we are going to skip that one.

You take zip lock baggies, fill them halfway with water, drop in four to six pennies, zip them shut and hang them over the window or door that the flies usually enter.

I’m not kidding!

I guess you want to know why it works…I sure did!

Water molecules reflect light. In that baggie there are millions of water molecules and they are all reflecting light this way and that way creating a prism effect. Now think about a fly’s eyes…he has lots of them! What he sees with his gazillion eyes is a gazillion light reflections in every color in the rainbow sparkling like the disco ball that I have in the middle of my ceiling. So as the fly sees that great hubbub of activity, he thinks that there are lots of other bugs, birds or even animals ready to eat him. I know this because the fly told me…you’ve got to just believe that we know what flies think. So the scared fly hightails it out of there and your home remains bug free.

Here is a short tip to get rid of FRUIT FLIES or GNATS. They are so aggravating! All you have to do is:

  • take a plastic container,
  • in the lid, poke holes from the outside in,
  • put some vinegar in the container – about a 1/4 inch
  • put the lid on the container
  • set it where the gnats are having a party

Now you can watch the gnats fly in, but they are too stupid to get out through the same holes they just went through so…they….die!

No more gnats!

disco ballYes, I do have a twelve inch, automatic spinning disco ball hanging from the ceiling in a room that also has a spotlight pointing at it. What can I say except that it is too fun! I’ll have to tell you all about it later. I’ll even take a picture..

What did you think of my tips? Already use them? Going to try them in the summer? Don’t care about the bugs or the tips, but you just want to know the story behind the disco ball?


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1 MelRoXx January 8, 2010 at 7:35 am

good tips!


2 Tania @ Larger Family Life January 8, 2010 at 9:33 pm

I can't wait to try that bag thing for the bugs.

I need a hobby.


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