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Do you vacuum?

Silly question.

Oreck Halo Vacuum CleanerI’ve entered a giveaway at Eighty MPH Mom at http://www.eightymphmom.com/2009/11/oreck-halo-review-and-giveaway.html to win an Oreck Halo Vacuum Cleaner at http://www.oreck.com/


The Oreck® Halo vacuum cleaner is the only vacuum that uses Oreck Halo Ultraviolet Technology to kill many microscopic germs that can live and breed on your carpets and hard floor surfaces.
It’s more than a vacuum because it does two things at once: the Oreck Halo cleans the dirt you see on your floors, and, using Oreck Halo Ultraviolet Technology, it can also kill many of the microscopic dust mite eggs, bacteria, viruses, molds, flea eggs and other germs that you cannot see on your floors. It does this all without the use of chemicals, making your life easier because you are vacuuming and killing germs in one step.

Here are some interesting facts and information about the Oreck Halo and it’s UV-C technology (from Oreck):


  • The Oreck Halo uses proprietary UV-C technology – the same technology that safely and effectively disinfects drinking water and sterilizes operating rooms – to eliminate many of the harmful things you can’t see.
  • A high-powered UV-C bulb is housed in a patented light chamber with a durable quartz glass exterior, and independent tests prove this UV-C light kills more than 99 percent of many common germs it comes in contact with.
  • With the Oreck Halo, it’s possible to vacuum and kill germs with no extra effort, no extra time and no extra cost. This translates to a better, safer and healthier clean – all without damaging or fading carpet, tile or hardwood when used properly.

What does an Oreck Halo do?


before and after

  • There can be more germs on household floor surfaces than on toilet seats, kitchen counters and bathroom tiles combined.
  • One square inch of carpet can contain more than 200,000 bacteria particles, compared to 49 bacteria particles found on a household toilet seat.
  • Dust mites are one of the leading causes of indoor allergies, in particular asthma.
  • Children ages 2-5 can put their fingers in their mouths 42 times per hour after touching household surfaces.
  • A child can swallow the amount of dirt on six kitchen floor tiles per day.
  • The average American adult spends more than 85 percent of his/her time indoors, which has triggered growing concerns over biological contaminants within the home environment.

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